Jose Hawilla — Budgeting and Investing the Professional Way

If an entrepreneur is not good at managing money, they will never be able to succeed. The ability to manage your funds is the foundation for proper accounting and budgeting. An entrepreneur understands the basics of money management, and they understand the advanced topics of investing. Entrepreneurs must be able to properly budget, because without this skill, the bank accounts of the company will always run dry. You will think you have money to pay for necessary expenses, but, in fact, you have spent the expense fund on personal needs! That will quickly cause failure. Having a budget in place will allow entrepreneurs to keep track of their spending, and it will help with saving for future investing. You must be able to differentiate between a necessary expense and a frivolous expenditure. By prioritizing your expenses, you will do the business a great service. A great way to manage your business’s money is by taking the necessary step of having an accountant on your team. If you are a small startup, there are also many great apps on the market that will assist with better money management.


Investing money wisely is the key to growing your business’s funds. Businesses must obtain financing all of the time. Successful entrepreneurs have a great financing plan in place to keep money flowing in even when revenue is low. You must have multiple ways to earn money. The businesses that earn the most money are those that budget their funds well and invest wisely. The best investments will return money through dividends and profits.


Jose Hawilla has invested money in various places throughout Brazil’s market. He has assets that will help his businesses grow and continue to have funding for many years. Jose Hawilla knew the importance of budgeting and financing when he began his career. He carried the knowledge of how to budget his personal finances, and he took the budgeting of his businesses very seriously. Once he created his large firms, he hired accountants to watch the funds and ensure that the business was healthy. Jose Hawilla is an advocate for budget and financing. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.



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About Omar Boraie and the Boraie Development Company

Most developers in the United States were focused on spending most of their money in luxury apartments, which mostly were on very exclusive locations. Even as most sought to invest in developing properties, some were concerned in improving the community as well. One of the most known selfless business persons in the real estate is Omar Boraie. Apart from being a big shareholder in real estate development, he is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Mr. Sam Boraie is the Vice President and the founder of Boraie Development Company. One cannot mention the Boraie Development Company without acknowledging the great work it has done in transforming New Brunswick into an urban center. Omar Boraie came to New Brunswick from Egypt with a vision to modernize the place. He wanted to do this by planning to build modern architectural structures which included luxurious apartments, modern buildings, and community houses. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Through the building of the luxurious buildings, most people started coming to New Brunswick. Professionals in the country including the lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, firefighters and also the business community, all wanted to work in New Brunswick. Some wanted to have their offices in the town that was developing at a speedy rate. The target of the Boraie Development Company was the young people as it is evident in the kind of buildings they were putting up. Most of the youthful people are interested in having fun and having proper places they could go for dates. Boraie Development through its research built the Aspire building in New Brunswick. It was designed for the youth allowing them to have a place where they could go and have fun. The building has a variety of restaurants, entertainment facilities, and night-life.

About Boraie Development

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development is a company that mainly deals with real estate market industry. Other than the real estate development, the company also deals with property management and the sales and marketing of the properties. Apart from building luxurious and modern buildings, the Boraie Development Company also takes its clients seriously and ensures that what they need is what they get. The company ensures that every client gets value for their money.

Most of the works of the Boraie Development Company has been seen in New Brunswick. The company saw the need to bring up sophisticated buildings to ensure that people in the area were able to live comfortably. One of the significant achievements of this building company is the development of the Robert Wood University, Rutgers University Campus and the Rutgers Medical School. These buildings have a doorman and a maintenance management man who is always available for 24 hours

Vincent Parascandola: He Started From The Bottom, Literally

With over 25 years in the financial business, Vincent Parascandola knows his way around financial planning. His story is a true success story. He started out as an agent with Prudential. He then joined Mony Life Insurance Company where he began his management career. Finally, he is now the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. Vincent Parascandola received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York. He literally started at the bottom and worked his way up. He was never handed any favors, as it was his hard work and tenacity that got him where he is today.

AXA Advisors, LLC is a company that helps people with decisions that will affect their retirement. They advise on what insurance would fit their needs and the best retirement, savings, and benefits plans. The goal is to make sure people will be comfortable when they retire. They will have insurance and benefits to fit any medical needs and a savings and/or retirement plan to fit their financial needs. According to Wallet Hub, there is even a department that helps with investments, such as a 401K or the stock market. They will advise you on the plans you should pick that will generate you the most money.

If you want peace of mind then this is the company for you. They understand hardship and want everyone to benefit from their services. As of 9/15/17, if you are an AXA Advisors, LLC customer and you were affected by hurricane Irma, they are offering a grace period for premium insurance payments. This is not something all companies do. AXA understands and always wants to help. All you need to do is go to their website, for information. For more about Mr. Vincent Parascandola visit

South Beach Based Real Estate Entrepeneur Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Miami Florida based Metrik Real Estate company. Metrik provides property management services, equity and development services and brokerage services.

Mr. Staunch founded Metrik in 2002 but prior to his own business start up, Samuel worked for his family’s real estate company that was also located in south Florida. He completed his undergraduate degree in business from Hofstra University in New York prior to his employment with his family’s real estate firm.

Samuel was inspired by the changes taking place in southern Florida. He noticed it was no longer a snow bird vacation destination but rather a true city by the sea. Miami was becoming a year round home to many and there was constant development occurring. These South Beach changes sparked his idea for Metrik. In addition to his corporate office in south beach Florida, Mr. Straunch also has operations in many Latin American countries as well.

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A typical day for Mr. Strauch does not follow any particular routine. With the ever changing real estate market and clients introducing new clients to him frequently, Samuel finds his days networking and finding new business projects. Though his days can be chaotic from running to meet client after client and various properties, Samuel Strauch makes time for meditation. He feels as though it gives his mind a chance to heal from and process the day better. He knew early on that he would be an entrepreneur and that monotonous back office work was not meant for him. He focuses on executing ideas rather then just coming up with them. The execution is the key to success. In addition to Metrik and his Latin American offices, Samuel is an active investor in restaurant and internet businesses as well as a art collector.

Personal Interview with Nine9 CEO and Founder Anthony Toma

In a recent interview published by Ideamesch, the founder and CEO of Nine9 The UnAgency, Mr. Anthony Toma opened up on several issues regarding both his family and company. The interview covered a wide variety of issues ranging from personal truths like his love for the Detroit lions and his daily family life to corporate questions such as his inspiration for starting Nine9 and factors that have contributed to the survival and growth of the company and more information click here.

Nine9 The UnAgency was founded more than 12 years ago in the year 2013 and the main goal of the company is to provide actors and models with the opportunities, tools and support structures that they need in order to start, develop and advance their various careers. The name of the company is actually inspired by the fact that 99% of actors and models within the entertainment industry do not have access to the facilities and support required to help them establish successful careers. This is the gap that the company now works to fill on a daily basis although in the interview Mr. Toma revealed that its establishment came about as something of an accident that happened as he was looking for grocery franchises and learn more about Nine9.

When asked about the habits that make him successful as an entrepreneur, Mr. Toma attributed everything to good listening skills. He also gave credit to the Entrepreneurial Operating System designed by Gino Wickman and which the company continuously employs in all his operations. Interestingly, he pointed out failure as one of his strongest pillars for growth. He indicated that he has managed to grown by failing time and time again and was quick to recommend the same for other entrepreneurs hoping for success. His dedication to family was also evident when he outlined his regular morning routine and also when he revealed that he once spent $100 on his son’s tooth as a tooth fairy but still felt it was the best $100 he ever spent and Nine9 of Website.

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Adam Goldenberg Handles The Technical Side

When it comes to being an entrepreneur and running a business, one of the most important things is to know all of the data. An entrepreneur needs to know what is selling and what is not so that he can move forward in the right direction according to For people that are trying to run a successful business, there is a challenge that comes with this. For one thing, the company has tons of data that one has to look through. It can be hard for one to find the time to read all of the data and interpret it while handling all of the other aspects of business.

Fortunately, there is someone who is mentally focused on getting the data. His name is Adam Goldenberg. He is someone who is very experienced as an entrepreneur. He knows the type of work that goes into not only running a business, but managing all of the data so that he can continue satisfying customers. When it comes to business that sells products, there are certain factors that need to be considered. For one thing, companies have to be careful about the products they order. If they don’t sell, then that goes into the loss of the business. This is especially true of products that don’t sell at all.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

One thing that Adam Goldenberg has done is come up with a technique that has reduced the overhead of the fashion industry on the part of his business. Adam Goldenberg and his company TechStyle has engaged customers in something that is known as reverse showrooming. This is where the customer is focused on so that the clothes and other products can be sold according to the information about the customer including his preferences and his lifestyle.

One good thing about Adam Goldenberg taking on the technical side of business is that he has a closer look at the way things are going. Data driven sales is what drives the types of products that are sold. This is especially the case with fashion. The best approach for fashion companies is to pay attention to what the customers are buying and supply. At the same time, experiment with new designs to bring forth more curiosity.

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Brad Reifler Has Tips for Leaders

Brad Reifler did not accomplish everything he has by waving a magic wand. He learned a lot during his rise to the top. It is not surprising that people ask him for advice about how they can be better leaders at their own companies.

Brad is more than happy to share many of the things that he has learned over the years. He feels it is his duty to give advice whenever a person asks for his help. He is willing to do this because he had several people that gave him valuable advice in the early stages of his career.

One of the things that separates Brad from many of the other CEOs is the fact that he treats his many employees like he would want to be treated. Brad Reifler had a number of good bosses on his way up the corporate ladder.

These people helped to mentor Brad and make him into a better executive. Learn more about more Brad Reifler:

He believes that screaming at your employees and treating them like dirt is not the correct way to run a business. You should never behave like a tyrant. Be respectful to the people who work under you.

However, you also need to be able to tell people when you are not happy with the quality of work they are turning in.

You should also refrain from publicly humiliating your employees. All discussions about an employee’s job performance should always take place behind closed doors.

Another tip that Brad Reifler likes to give to his fellow CEOs is to always plan for the worst case scenario. Nobody likes to think about things going bad. However, it is essential that you have plans in place for that possibility.

It could be devastating to have something bad happen and be caught with your pants down. Have a strategy session where you discuss all the bad things that could happen and how you plan to deal with them.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler believes that all CEOs should always be appreciative of the power they have been entrusted with. They should never abuse it. They should always have the company’s best interests in mind.