Dr. Johanan Rand Cares About His Patients

Dr. Johanan Rand is providing his patients with relief through his training and experience. He helps his patients to lose weight safely and helps them to understand how specific conditions affect the process of aging. He is a believer in the power of regenerative medicine as well.

He has achieved extensive training, primarily form the Albert Einstein Medical Center, and he is heavily focused on wellness programs. He is especially invested in IV nutrient therapy and solutions to conditions such as anti-aging and weight loss. He is passionate about what he does and prepares individualized form each and every one of his patients. Everyone is different and each person requires a tailored plan in order for it to be effective for them. The treatments that Dr. Johanan Rand has developed helps to restore health, prevent disease, ensure ideal aging, and improves vitality as well.

Some of the treatment options available at the Healthy Medical Center include approaches to symptoms associated with menopause. These symptoms include moods swings, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, higher blood pressure, weight gain, and mental challenges. Dr. Johanan Rand addresses many other issues as well such as low libido, memory loss, muscle atrophy, insomnia, and night sweats, to name a few. His treatments deal with the hormonal side of things.

Dr. Johanan developed the HCG diet program which is a concept that produces a hormone commonly produced by pregnant women. This particular hormone has been found to benefit people by preventing them from developing muscle degeneration in addition to a healthy weight loss regimen. The HCG diet plan is ideal for getting results more quickly and is fairly easy and simple enough to follow.

His special diet plan makes it possible for his patients to live on a strict, low-calorie diet without feeling like they are starving which also makes it much easier to stick to the diet. It is also easier to lose stubborn pounds that refuse to go away even with diet and exercise. Dr. Johanan Rand understands the difficulties of trying to get back on track, and his diet makes getting results more attainable