Whitney Wolfe Answers the Call to Change Dating App Environment

Whitney Wolfe is still taking it all in. To her it may seem like it was just yesterday when she was walking out of the doors of Tinder and filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. It may seem like a page torn out of her diary that is on display for the rest of the world to read. Fortunately, she did not let her turbulent time at Tinder stop her from growing as a business woman. Fans of her Bumble dating app may even say that the harrassment there is what sparked the fire that she possesses now.The recently married Whitney Wolfe really knows how to get the attention of those that are interested in something new in the social media aspect. It is no surprise that she wanted to create something where women would feel safe. She wanted a social network that would engage people in a plethora of different communication platforms.

Merci was the original dating app concept that she had in mind. Long before she opened spots like the Bumble Hive, where singles from Bumble could engage with matches that they have made, Whitney Wolfe had her mind on something else.The new wife of oil tycoon Michael Herd had her mind on creating a social network that was for women only. She was so through with the concept of cyber bullying that she wanted to actually create a network where women could avoid sexual harassment as they formed their own social circles. This was the ideal that she originally wanted to pitch forward.Whitney Wolfe came along in the app development world during a time where cyberbullying was at an all-time high.

Suicide rates were increasing from kids that were reading negative comments that were stated online. Sexual harassment on dating apps was something that was prevalent. Since it was already a male-dominated world there was no real means for anyone to stop it or even do anything about it. This is when Whitney Wolfe collaborated with others in the dating app field as she began to brainstorm over her own company. When she took a look at the way that sexual harassment and cyberbullying had really taken over social media she knew that she could not back away. Whitney Wolfe knew that there was an opportunity here. She realized that Bumble could change the lives of many single women and men that were seeking change.

Always in the Know with ClassDojo

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