Adam Milstein opposes the activities of the radical groups

Adam Milstein has been an advocate of the rights of the Jews for quite long. Since he moved to the United States and established a stable real estate business, he has managed to remain vocal on matters that affect the Jews. Adam Milstein is an author with various media channels. In one of his pieces with JNS, he reveals the threat of anti-Semitism and what it is likely to lead to in future. Adam Milstein describes the current wave of hate against the Jews as being a collaboration between the radical Muslim, radical right and the radical left. Although the radical right has been in the campaigns for a long time, it is the radical leftists who worry Milstein. These two groups despite having different backgrounds, they seem to be united by the hate they have for the Jews.

Adam Milstein sees the latest attempt to incorporate the radical leftist as a well-calculated effort by the radical Muslim to attack the western democracies. The leftists are being used to promote radical views that are supported by radical Muslim unknowingly. It is common knowledge that the goal of the radical Muslim is to introduce their own beliefs to the world. They are anti-democracy and aim at introducing Islamic law as the only law in the world. Milstein sees the latest attempts by these forces of impunity as a force that may destabilize the world in future. Israel is a key ally of Americans and many European countries. The success of anti-Semitism campaign will clearly mean that this is just the beginning of attacks against Americans and the western democracy. Radical Muslim does not believe in democracy. In fact, Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East.

Adam Milstein has been a supporter of his community for a number of decades now. He is one of the people who realize the dangers posed by the anti-Semitism campaigns. Milstein has decided not to keep quiet while the world is risking falling into the trap of the radical Muslim. He is advocating for the abolishment of all activities of anti-Semitism groups in Europe and the United States before it is too late.