Cancer Treatment Centers of America and its role in Cancer Lifeline

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have currently created a program called the clinical pathways. The program is created in partnership with the NantHealth and Allscripts. In this program, physicians can be safe from guesswork especially for the conditions that they may not be sure about. The centers have come up with a system where after the disease has been diagnosed, the patients have the opportunity to select the best alternative from all the available options. The patients have the liberty to consider their economic options before settling for an option. Currently, the inclusion of the eviti solution has provided for more chance for the doctors to use practical means of treatment after a successful assessment.

Why the pathways are important
Usually, in treatment, a physician may overlook certain instructions that may pose a danger to the health of the patients. In using the pathway program, the doctors’ steps can be traced without affecting their work. The program ensures that the undertakings by the doctors are monitored without having to risk the lives of the patients in the process. Equally, the workflow of the doctors is not affected, and this does not alter the attention of the physicians during the working process.
The inclusion of Allscripts in the program
Allscripts is an independent body that deals with information technology especially in health care programs. In their technology, Allscripts focuses on creating a single community that connects people especially the doctors and the patients. Since the pathway programs are meant to monitor the operations of the physicians, Allscripts brings together the data so that the same program can be used in all the health care centers. Currently, the program has been embraced in all the five cancer treatment centers of America. The fact that the physicians are connected gives them an opportunity to offer better healthcare for the patients.