Cancer Treatment Centers of America Aims at Ensuring a Cancer Free America

CTCA was founded by Richard J Stephenson in 1988 after his mother died of cancer due to poor treatment offered to her at that time. The Cancer Treatment Centres of America is a nationwide organization with branches that include five hospitals that have their headquarter in Boca Raton, Florida. It is an organization fully committed to helping cancer patients fight the ailment by offering unique and personalized care to each of their patients. For close to 30 years in its existence, it has used advanced technology to help patients by offering chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation services to manage the disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centres of America has five state-of-the-art hospitals. One of the Center’s hospital is the Midwestern Medical Centre in Illinois, and it was the first to be established by Mr. Stephenson. Others in CTCA’s network include The South Eastern Medical Centre in Georgia; the South Western Medical Centre in Oklahoma; the Eastern Medical Centre in Philadelphia; and the Western Medical Center in Arizona. The hospitals have cancer experts who provide first-class care and therapies to patients. All this has enabled CTCA to earn the Full Standards Compliance in addition to several awards.

CTCA Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth

Recently, CTCA together with NantHealth and Allscripts put in place a system that will allow NantHealth to access all records pertaining to cancer patients in the Allscripts’ SER. NantHealth will be able to do this using Eviti, which is a clinical decision support solution. This collaboration is set to come up with a program known as Clinical Pathways, an Oncology treatment platform. The platform will help patients in so many ways such as offering custom treatment procedures to every patient as per his or her state and stage of the disease. It will support the data that is collected regularly from patients. It will also compare various treatment methods for the various patients putting into consideration the market, average cost, and other factors.

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