Brown Modeling Agency Taking Over Texas

In the trendy city of Austin Texas, things just got a little trendier. The Brown Modeling Agency has made its debut in the Capital city to help the hidden talents in the state of Texas shine. Located in the center of Texas, Austin was chosen not just for its location but for its unique rocker, sporty look and popular music scene. With there being so many talented designers in Austin, this modeling agency is the perfect way to showcase their work. To introduce the Brown Modeling Agency to Austin, they used the work from the talented and popular Austin designer Linda Asaf for a fashion show.

Linda put her Summer Frost collection together in only two weeks, just in time for the show. This collection is full of neutrals, whites, and light silvers mixed with spring ready outfits, doing the collections name justice. Her favorite piece, of course, is the finale piece. This evening gown is made out of grey lace and makes everyone go crazy for it. Linda always knew it was only a matter of time before Austin’s fashion scene took off. With the Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, the fashion scene is only going to keep getting better.

Starting out as Wilhelmina Austin, the agency bought Heyman Talent-South and became Brown Modeling Agency. With this change, the Brown Modeling Agency is now a full-service talent agency. There are only a few others in Texas for Brown Modeling Agency to compete with. Being a full-service talent agency, they not only have opportunities for all types of modeling jobs, but TV, commercial, and movie opportunities for talent in Austin as well. This means clients can get a greater portfolio and the talent has greater opportunities.

This talent and modeling agency has become a respected agency in Texas. They offer their talent the opportunity to work with some of the most well known designers such as Louis Vuitton and L’Orel. There are numerous other designers and companies you can get the chance to work with, being talent at this agency. You will often see the models of this agency at Austin, Dallas, and New York fashion weeks. Brown Modeling Agency allows for the opportunity of all types of people to become talent with them. You do not have to be tall and skinny in order to work with them. You just have to find where the right client.

Being such a large state, it makes sense to also have such a large modeling and talent agency right in the center of Texas. Texans can now have a reliable place to go to make their dreams of modeling or acting come true. It’s safe to say Brown modeling agency is truly making Texas an even better place to live.

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  1. The Brown Modeling Agency was created by Justin Brown, who also has the Wilhelmina Brown talent and modeling group, in Austin as a way to do what he loved in a city he loved. It actually implies that some papers writers would have the way for them to understand what is really going to happen to them.

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