About Omar Boraie and the Boraie Development Company

Most developers in the United States were focused on spending most of their money in luxury apartments, which mostly were on very exclusive locations. Even as most sought to invest in developing properties, some were concerned in improving the community as well. One of the most known selfless business persons in the real estate is Omar Boraie. Apart from being a big shareholder in real estate development, he is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Mr. Sam Boraie is the Vice President and the founder of Boraie Development Company. One cannot mention the Boraie Development Company without acknowledging the great work it has done in transforming New Brunswick into an urban center. Omar Boraie came to New Brunswick from Egypt with a vision to modernize the place. He wanted to do this by planning to build modern architectural structures which included luxurious apartments, modern buildings, and community houses. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Through the building of the luxurious buildings, most people started coming to New Brunswick. Professionals in the country including the lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, firefighters and also the business community, all wanted to work in New Brunswick. Some wanted to have their offices in the town that was developing at a speedy rate. The target of the Boraie Development Company was the young people as it is evident in the kind of buildings they were putting up. Most of the youthful people are interested in having fun and having proper places they could go for dates. Boraie Development through its research built the Aspire building in New Brunswick. It was designed for the youth allowing them to have a place where they could go and have fun. The building has a variety of restaurants, entertainment facilities, and night-life.

About Boraie Development

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development is a company that mainly deals with real estate market industry. Other than the real estate development, the company also deals with property management and the sales and marketing of the properties. Apart from building luxurious and modern buildings, the Boraie Development Company also takes its clients seriously and ensures that what they need is what they get. The company ensures that every client gets value for their money.

Most of the works of the Boraie Development Company has been seen in New Brunswick. The company saw the need to bring up sophisticated buildings to ensure that people in the area were able to live comfortably. One of the significant achievements of this building company is the development of the Robert Wood University, Rutgers University Campus and the Rutgers Medical School. These buildings have a doorman and a maintenance management man who is always available for 24 hours