The Biopharmaceutical Giant: Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is a Biopharmaceutical Company founded on February 2nd, 2002.The biotechnological company is located in Cranbury New Jersey in the United States. Amicus Therapeutics became a publicly owned company in 2007 withdrawing from its funding by Canaan Partners, Radius Ventures and New Enterprise Associates. The primary focus of Amicus Therapeutics is the provision of therapies and treatments for orphan and common diseases which come in the form of unique genetic disorders among other forms. These rare diseases are collectively called lysosomal storage disorders.


John F. Crowley is the CEO OF Amicus Therapeutics having succeeded Donald Hayden in 2010.Since then Hayden remained a close associate of Amicus Therapeutics (WeeklyOpinion). Other important stakeholders of the company are Bradley L. Campbell and William D. Baird 111 as chief financial officer. In the year 2014 Amicus Therapeutics became recognized worldwide for having the most extensive portfolio of pharmacological chaperones that are small.


Amicus Therapeutics widely bases the development of its products on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy ( Migalastat is Amicus Therapeutics’ most advanced pharmacological chaperone that is used in the treatment of Fabry disease. Migalastat in the treatment of Fabry disease is used concerning the special and unique genetic diagnosis. In a bid to help in the overall management of lysosomal diseases Amicus Therapeutics is in the advanced stages of developing a therapy for Epidermylosis Bullosa which is a connective tissue disorder.


In partnership with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline for the past three years Amicus Therapeutics, have been working to investigate further on the causes and effects of lysosomal storage disorders. As far as collaborations are concerned, Amicus Therapeutics has had its share of failures, for example, the untimely cancellation of its collaboration with The Shire. This cancellation of partnership led to the opening of the company as a public company due to financial strains. Amicus Therapeutics relies on manufacturing contracts as it does not have its manufacturing plants.


Over the years the company has grown despite setbacks related to partnerships. It has expanded its research site to San Diego. Amicus Therapeutics took over ownership of one of its main competitors the Callidus Biopharma.


Using Edisoft to Create Smarter Shipping Solutions

The accuracy of logistics is a vital part of the economy at large, especially when it comes to manufacturers and retailers operating with time-sensitive products and services. Using data to precisely schedule the shipment and receipt of items have now begun to flourish even more with the arrival of better logistics technology. This data comes from the use of GPS tracking to improve real-time updates and the inclusion of the mobile platform for shipping and logistics.


Supply chain performance can now be quantified, which helps all providers to effectively plan out the timeframe of shipment arrivals and budget expenses for international tariffs and storage costs in the interim (About). Data groups related to shipments are particularly available for international trade, due to the increased variability from multiple parties being involved in the process. Of course, the information gathered must be accurate and up-to-date to offer the most relevant solutions for supply chain operations and logistics.


Software developer Edisoft works to deliver these solutions all in one convenient platform for the distribution or manufacturing company. Edisoft was established in 1995 and is based in Toronto, Canada with a clientele that spans the globe. Through intensive research and development, Edisoft has simplified the logistics process and optimized supply chain performance through its series of software packages. The comprehensive product line from Edisoft provides a solution for businesses of any size.


Edisoft offers shipping integration which helps to speed up the process from order receipt to the package leaving the warehouse. The software provided captures data and automates more of the work that is involved with every shipment, sometimes cutting the processing time by half. This addition also improves the workflow efficiency from start to finish and allows team members to generate more productive labor.


The software company also provides solutions for in-house organizations as it relates to orders. When an order is processed, Edisoft’s integrated software can automate the prioritization of certain rush orders, as well as automatically sending needed information to the central database in considerably less time than manual data entry. Edisoft products are also able to comply with standard operating procedures and can generate reports for corporate bookkeeping.

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Looking and Feeling Your Best: The Philosophy of Dr. Jennifer Walden


Dr. Walden currently holds a successful medical practice in Austin, TX, after moving back home from her location in New York, where she was also Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She holds numerous other prestigious affiliations currently, such as membership to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a rare honor for females in the field.

Her Practice

Dr. Walden specializes in abdominoplasty, but is clinically trained in a number of other procedures. From simple alterations such as Botox or collagen injections, to more involved procedures such as breast reconstruction or implant removal, she and her staff are prepared to assist clients in any number of cosmetic alterations. The operating suite is fully equipped to handle any of the procedures on offer, and there are secure backups for all of the necessary systems such as suction and oxygen.
Dr. Walden places great importance on the safety and privacy of her clientele. All aspects of the office and operating environment have received accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). This means that every aspect from operating procedures to anesthesia to medications has been inspected and given a high rating by the gold standard in accreditation of this type. All clients can be assured of the highest quality of care visiting Dr. Walden.

Her Philosophy

Dr. Walden believes that all patients deserve to make the best, most well-informed choices for themselves. She believes that helping her patients to achieve the most natural results possible is a basic duty of care, and that any and all clients deserve to feel and look their best on the outside, as they are on the inside. This philosophy is at the heart of every procedure in Dr. Walden’s practice, every step of the way. For more info about us: click here.

Fabletics Even Impresses The Huffington Post

Fabletics gives women the chance to have stylish workout clothes that are easy for them to obtain. The company caters to all women and they know what they are able to do to help in different situations. Because of this, the company has been successful and has been able to help more people than what other companies are doing. This is something that Fabletics has wanted to do since the beginning of their business and since they started providing their services to different people who are in different situations in their lives and with their workout gear.


As Fabletics has grown, publications like The Huffington Post have published information about them. Recently, the publication talked about the crowd method that Fabletics relies on. The company knows that people like their clothes and they also know that if they continue to provide people with all of these things then they will be able to show them different options that will make it better for them. There have been many ways in which Fabletics has tried to make things easier and all of that has allowed the company to grow and has allowed more people to see that they are doing things the right way. Since people put a lot of trust into the opinions of their peers, they know what they can do to make the right choices.


For Kate Hudson, Fabletics was the perfect opportunity. She tried her best to make the company more popular and, in return, the company was boosting her image. She had a lot of faith in the company and the way that it would work to make things better. Since Fabletics has grown, Kate Hudson has also grown with it. She knows that the company will help her to try new things and that she can help them with the style issues that they have.


The personal stylists who work with Fabletics know what they can do to make things better for different clients. They also know that they are only able to find the perfect outfits for people who take the style quiz. It is important for them to try different things and for them to get more from the situations that they are in so that they can continue to do well with their own business. Anyone who is going to try and shop with Fabletics must take the style quiz so that they can be more successful.


Ever since Fabletics first started, they have grown. They continue to grow and people continue to see that the company will be a better one. The Fabletics idea is to help their clients out with the issues that they are having and they know that they can get more from the situations that they are in. Fabletics tries their best to help people out and to give them everything that they need to make their lives better. Clients who use Fabletics can take a lot away from the situation so that they can be more successful.

Always in the Know with ClassDojo

We are living in an era of dependent social media usage. Most of our days are spent with a phone clutched in our hand and thumb scrolling. Today’s classroom is no exception. ClassDojo is a modern, virtual classroom at our fingertips. From grades K-12, this classroom app provides you with complete access for parents, teachers, and the students.

Currently, there is no other social media platform like it created specifically for the classroom. Always be in the know with what your child is learning and accomplishing throughout the day. Share your child’s milestones with them in the moment. There will be no more mysteries. If you cannot make it to a parent-teacher conference, have no more frets. With schools that employ ClassDojo there are no more antiquated in-person conferences. Parent-teacher conferences are now virtual. There are no surprises about a student’s behavior or lack of participation.

You have complete access to their school experience with the ability to freely message and interact with their teachers. You will also have access to current classroom videos and pictures so you will feel like you are sharing their educational journey. It has been proven that students who have parents participating in their schooling naturally progress better than the students who do not have parents thoroughly interested in their school day.

Unlike other popular, yet, unhealthy social media platforms, ClassDojo does not leave anyone behind. Nobody feels left out or scrutinized. Every student is in this together. The positive encouragement feature promotes a healthier environment for learning as well. Students perform better and are happier with this platform being present. You will always be in the know with ClassDojo.


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Rocketship Does Education Right

Charter schools are making a name for themselves in the educational system as they continue to offer more integrated and hands-on approaches to meeting a student’s academic and developmental needs. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools that is taking some ground-breaking steps toward the advancement of education for young students. The two-story building houses students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school was founded in 2007 in the Bay Area and has now expanded to 18 schools with locations in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC. Rocketship Education has gained a valuable reputation due to strong test scores and incorporating online and computer-assisted instruction into its traditional teaching which enabled administrative costs to stay at a minimum. The school’s instructional infrastructure consists of social-emotional learning and integrates Rocketship school’s shared values of respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence.

The recognition that Rocketship has received is due to the fact that the schools are accessible to students from poverty stricken neighborhoods, as well as to students from diverse backgrounds. The approach the school takes strives to bridge the gap between teachers and parents and allows the community to lay the bricks of the school’s foundation. During the process of the school’s opening, parents interviewed potential teachers and the parents’ feedback determined whether or not an offer was extended. Within the school, a room is provided to parents offering them computers and Internet access while they wait to pick up their children from school. In addition, during the school year, school officials plan to make home visits to the student’s families and host events that parents can attend. These incentives are a way to encourage parents to advocate for their children, which will be vital even after the students leave Rocketship and attend middle school and high school.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America and its role in Cancer Lifeline

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have currently created a program called the clinical pathways. The program is created in partnership with the NantHealth and Allscripts. In this program, physicians can be safe from guesswork especially for the conditions that they may not be sure about. The centers have come up with a system where after the disease has been diagnosed, the patients have the opportunity to select the best alternative from all the available options. The patients have the liberty to consider their economic options before settling for an option. Currently, the inclusion of the eviti solution has provided for more chance for the doctors to use practical means of treatment after a successful assessment.

Why the pathways are important
Usually, in treatment, a physician may overlook certain instructions that may pose a danger to the health of the patients. In using the pathway program, the doctors’ steps can be traced without affecting their work. The program ensures that the undertakings by the doctors are monitored without having to risk the lives of the patients in the process. Equally, the workflow of the doctors is not affected, and this does not alter the attention of the physicians during the working process.
The inclusion of Allscripts in the program
Allscripts is an independent body that deals with information technology especially in health care programs. In their technology, Allscripts focuses on creating a single community that connects people especially the doctors and the patients. Since the pathway programs are meant to monitor the operations of the physicians, Allscripts brings together the data so that the same program can be used in all the health care centers. Currently, the program has been embraced in all the five cancer treatment centers of America. The fact that the physicians are connected gives them an opportunity to offer better healthcare for the patients.

Jason Hope Is Investing In The Future Through His Grant Program

While there are many adjectives that can be used to describe successful entrepreneur Jason Hope, the two most important ones are skilled futurist. His uncanny ability to see accurately predict what the future of technology looks like is one of the many things that make him so unique.

Born in the beautiful city of Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope was a very intelligent young man who earned both a finance degree and MBA from Arizona State University.

As a successful entrepreneur Jason Hope knows all too well the struggles that come with starting and growing a business. And that is how he came up with the idea for his grant program.

Hope believes the younger generation full of amazing ideas that need to come to life. The problem is there is one big obstacle standing in their way….MONEY!

With his grant program Hope hope’s to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground by awarding them up $5000 in seed money.

High school and college students with technology related ideas can apply for the grant via the official Jason Hope website which can be found at

Once ideas have been submitted Hope will go through all entries on a case by case basis and cherry pick the ones he believes are the best. Winners will receive a grant of $500-$5000 to help further develop their idea and get a product out to the market.

Jason Hope believes the future of the technology industry lies in the hands of young entrepreneurs with big, bright ideas.

And that’s why he is putting his money where his mouth is and investing in the future through grant program.

Please note not everyone will get funded through the program. Be sure to submit your best idea with solid plan for review.

To learn more about Jason Hope and all the amazing work he does, visit his official website at

George Soros Bands Against Trump; Funds Ferguson Protests

George Soros is Hungarian born American business magnate. He is one of the richest people on Earth with estimated assets worth $25 billion. He is a liberal individual who is aiming to bring a social change through funding groups which are active in the Ferguson protests.

In 2015, George Soros donated $33 million to protest groups in Ferguson, after a black man was shot and killed in cold blood by the policeman working for the Ferguson Police Department. George Soros is a very influential person in American politics as his huge network of non-profit organizations mobilize the masses to influence American policy makers.

Mr. Soros began funding the protest campaigns ever since the shooting took place, which forced the local government to introduce a city-wide curfew to curb the protests. He is seen as a hero to civil rights activists who thanked him for funding their group’s activities. Know more on about George Soros.

Thanks to George Soros, groups like BlackLivesMatter gained traction in social media and became a massive success. Without his timely donations, the groups could not have mobilized efficiently during the protests.

Colorlines is a news portal based on the web that spotlights on race issues and is distributed by Race Forward, an organization that got $200,000 from Mr. Soros’ establishment in 2011. Colorlines has distributed vigorously on the activities in Ferguson and intensely advanced the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

During the American Presidential election of 2016, George Soros also heavily funded the Hilary Clinton campaign to fight back against the populist agendas of Donald Trump. Many liberal businessmen such as George Soros saw Donald Trump as a threat to their values and Hilary Clinton as the savior of the American economy on international diplomacy.

Despite the heavy funding campaign orchestrated by George Soros, Hilary Clinton failed to the win the American Presidential election as Donald Trump won largely thanks to the votes of the working-class whites in America. His campaign rhetoric of putting America first before anyone else spurred nationalistic sentiments among majority of the voters. Visit his profile on Twitter.

His donations have regularly centered around the individuals who confront discrimination and prejudice only for their identity. He has bolstered people who have been pushed to the edges of mainstream society, for example, sex workers and people of color.

George Soros does not look at this as a defeat, but a chance to rebuild upon his core values and morals. Mr. Soros is a huge philanthropist, having donated more than $12 billion to date in his lifetime. Because of his financing, people and associations over the globe have a chance to battle for the right to free speech and a responsible and an accountable government.

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Avaaz Addresses The Torture of Animals

Among the issues that Avaaz is taking on is the torture of animals on farms. For one thing, the meats that people eat come from farms. It is bad enough that the animals have to be killed in order to feed people. Things get worse when it comes to the method of killing the animals. An unfortunate occurrence has been discovered at one of the farms. A farmer by the name of Adriaan Straathof has a few farms where animals are being tortured. As of right now, there are ideas being bounced around as to how to put a stop to all of this.

One idea that is being passed around is to enforce stricter laws with the purpose of making it so that Adriaan Straathof is unable to farm. After all, these practices are cruel to animals. Often times, people who engage in these types of practices are not going to change the way they do things. Therefore, it is important to find ways to keep him from doing this to his own animals. The nature of these atrocities committed on the farms are more than disconcerting and revolting. Fortunately, Avaaz has shed some light on this issue for various people in the world to see.

Among the atrocities that have happened in the farm is that tons of pigs have been locked up with nowhere to go. Also, sick piglets have been beaten to death. The farm areas have also been overcrowded. Another disconcerting thing is that a lot of animals with broken bones have been neglected. There are also animals with organs sticking out. Given the nature of his offenses, Germany has banned his farming. With a reputation as gruesome as Adriaan’s, it is only a matter of time before he loses his farms completely and permanently.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz