David G. McDonald Is President and CEO at OSI Group LLC

David G. McDonald is President and CEO at OSI Group LLC. He is also Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Since December 2008, Mr. McDonald has served as an Independent Director at Marfig Global Foods S.A. after Marfig Frigoríficos e Comérico de Alimentos bought OSI Group operations in Europe and Brazil. McDonald is serving as Director of OSI International Foods (AustraliaO), pty Limited, because of his degree in Animal Science (Iowa State University). Global organizations have a vast network of smaller, more local organizations. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, which supplies sausage links and beef patties.

OSI Group also distributes sandwiches and pizza to major food service and retail brands. As a privately held corporation, the company runs more than 50 facilities in 17 countries but is currently looking to expand the company in China where it has a presence. OSI has 8 factories in China and is set to become the largest poultry producer as well. A new plant in Henan has been recently built. Sheldon Lavine is the OSI chairman who helps McDonald in his capacity to offer more product development. OSI Group has machines that have X-Rays built-in to be able to detect foreign particles.

OSI has a great deal of technological resources at their disposal, which McDonald manages. The catalyst for OSI’s success is to become local. Customers are Western, multi-national and international customers. OSI has to be flexible with the way it operates as a company in China. Flexibility is necessary but the principle of food safety still applies. OSI tries to listen first and apply solutions second. OSI is allowed the opportunity to apply solutions with the required flexibility. Doing business in China requires a learning curve or appreciation of the business culture of trust. It has taken 20 years to earn trust. There are different perspectives of the Chinese food chain’s structure.

OSI has a heritage of partnering with customers and suppliers, as well as governmental agencies. McDonald chooses to believe the government is trying to do the right thing. OSI tries to maintain transparency within the engagement processes. There are multiple agencies with different pressures.

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Glen Wakeman Nurtures Innovation With LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman who has helped start a new endeavor called LaunchPad Holdings and it is the culmination of his extensive range of experience and financial acumen. It is a simpler software platform that enables new business ventures to develop a workable plan for laying the foundation of their company. He is enthused about working in the exciting space of startups.

One thing that Wakeman noticed was the high failure rate of startups despite having a plausible idea. His observances found that many excellent ideas were developed in a haphazard way and lacked the structure to support the premise. LaunchPad Holdings was developed to make plan building easier and to help improve the odds of success. He serves as the CEO of the company and they are assisting many companies in developing a path to profits. Visit dailyforexreport.com to know more about Glen Wakeman.

The credentials in the educational realm that Glen Wakeman possesses has enabled him to build a career that spans the globe. His first stop was the University of Scranton where he received a BS in Economics and Finance. He then pursued a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Chicago before setting out in the working world.

His work led him to success at several places including GE Capital and Doral Financial Corporation. He has spent a significant amount of time mentoring others and is strongly steeped in entrepreneurialism. His expertise encompasses the aforementioned areas as well as investing and writing about financial matters and business opportunities at a high level.

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Wakeman is certainly up-to-date regarding all new business concepts and one area that he finds interesting is applying machine learning to economic problems. The large amount of data that results from a growing, digitally connected world makes it likely that improvements can be made in the overall speed of business and decision making.

Glen Wakeman finds that he’s better at bringing ideas to life when he can clearly articulate and explain them to associates. This helps him fully understand the concept from start to finish and he’s also keen to receive input from others to more fully flesh out his idea. Glen Wakeman’s career in business has been characterized by innovation which continues with LaunchPad Holdings. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.


About Omar Boraie and the Boraie Development Company

Most developers in the United States were focused on spending most of their money in luxury apartments, which mostly were on very exclusive locations. Even as most sought to invest in developing properties, some were concerned in improving the community as well. One of the most known selfless business persons in the real estate is Omar Boraie. Apart from being a big shareholder in real estate development, he is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Mr. Sam Boraie is the Vice President and the founder of Boraie Development Company. One cannot mention the Boraie Development Company without acknowledging the great work it has done in transforming New Brunswick into an urban center. Omar Boraie came to New Brunswick from Egypt with a vision to modernize the place. He wanted to do this by planning to build modern architectural structures which included luxurious apartments, modern buildings, and community houses. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Through the building of the luxurious buildings, most people started coming to New Brunswick. Professionals in the country including the lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, firefighters and also the business community, all wanted to work in New Brunswick. Some wanted to have their offices in the town that was developing at a speedy rate. The target of the Boraie Development Company was the young people as it is evident in the kind of buildings they were putting up. Most of the youthful people are interested in having fun and having proper places they could go for dates. Boraie Development through its research built the Aspire building in New Brunswick. It was designed for the youth allowing them to have a place where they could go and have fun. The building has a variety of restaurants, entertainment facilities, and night-life.

About Boraie Development

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development is a company that mainly deals with real estate market industry. Other than the real estate development, the company also deals with property management and the sales and marketing of the properties. Apart from building luxurious and modern buildings, the Boraie Development Company also takes its clients seriously and ensures that what they need is what they get. The company ensures that every client gets value for their money.

Most of the works of the Boraie Development Company has been seen in New Brunswick. The company saw the need to bring up sophisticated buildings to ensure that people in the area were able to live comfortably. One of the significant achievements of this building company is the development of the Robert Wood University, Rutgers University Campus and the Rutgers Medical School. These buildings have a doorman and a maintenance management man who is always available for 24 hours

Why I Prefer Services from Securus Technologies

When it comes to the purchase of goods and services, I always go for whatever I deem my money’s worth. And I believe the same applies to every one of the consumers out there. That said, here are some of the advantages of the services I procured from Securus Technologies just recently.


First and foremost, I enjoyed the exclusivity that their services give. And speaking of the services provided by Securus Technologies, it includes incident management, investigation, communication, monitoring products, biometric analysis and emergency response just to mention a few.


What I love about these services is the fact that they ensure both the safety of the civil servants as well as the inmates, making the law enforcement and corrections agencies a tad safer hence conducive to work in. I also appreciate the fact that Securus Technology is doing all in its power to keep their technological edge as they almost always come up with a product every week for their clients.


For the very first time, inmates can video chat with their loved ones, something that helps them reduce their stress levels. They can also leave messages for their families and get to share moments that they would have slightly missed because of their ongoing incarceration.


They have also helped the agencies under their aegis to make sure that they are always getting their email systems taken care of, therefore bringing a lot of order and accountability among the employees.


I am confident that Securus Technologies have played a significant role in the prevention of the circulation of drugs and other contraband in the correction facilities, which has allowed a lot of inmates to get their act together and reform thoroughly. It is no wonder Securus Technology has over 1,200,000 inmates using their services and at the same time serving almost 3,500 law enforcement facilities countrywide.


A Quick Glance into Siegall’s Career Life

Clay Siegall is the co- founder, chairman and president of Seattle Genetics which is a company that mainly aims at finding ways to cure Cancer. Siegall has managed to come up with more than $1.2 billion through fundraising both private and public financing for Seattle Genetics.

Siegall holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology as well as a PHD in Genetics after graduating from the George Washington University. As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall’s main task is to ensure that cancer patients are able to live a better life.

The idea of Seattle Genetics came about after Siegall lost his dad to Cancer. This prompted the doctor to set up shop with the intent of kicking out Cancer once and for all.

Siegall has a blog spot on WordPress where he publishes articles on various and new research methods as well as discoveries from time to time. The articles published are purely scientific and shed light to the medical cocoons on scientific issues.

One of his articles titled “Causes of Melting of Arctic Ice” talks about exactly that, the melting of Arctic. The article explains how scientists strongly believe that ice melting is as a cause of global warming caused by human beings yet they have been unable to prove. This theory was being discredited by another set of scientists from the University of California who state that the melting of ice is an annual natural cycle.

Another article titled “Kate, The Astronaut” talks about the NASA female astronaut, Kate Rubin who basically explained the difficulties she was facing on Earth after having come back from space in regards to gravity.

www.engadget.com describes Siegall as a fellow who is passionate about ensuring that every cancer patient is able to live their lives in comfort. The doctor works tirelessly to ensure the company always comes up with innovations in relation to research in Cancer. The blog further points out that Clay Siegall is a man who has the intrigue, drive and commitment to ensure that advancements in Cancer therapy research are achieved daily.

Jason Hope; a Creative Thinker Holding Unswervingly on the Internet of Things

Technology has continued to grow to heights that many would never have anticipated. Jason Hope is one of the greatest minds in the tech sector. He is famously known for his ability to predict what the future holds for techies and the world at large. Apart from that, Jason has also made himself a reputation as a self-made entrepreneur, a tech commentator, and an avid writer of matters relating to the future of technology. Jason Hope seems to focus a lot on the Internet of Things (IoT), which is an interconnection of technology. Basically, IoT allows the connected appliances to sync with each other and enhance their functionality. The Arizona-based investor is a staunch believer of a brighter future in the tech world.

There is a Lot to Learn From Jason’s Entrepreneurial Journey

When you look at Jason’s accomplished life, you might wonder whether he ever had it rough. Mr. Hope confesses that just like any other investor, he too had his share of doubts. However, what matters is how you perceive the uncertainties. Hope says that doubts should compel you to think ahead and pursue even harder. Often, when introducing a new product in the market, there are high chances of experiencing challenges before people get used. According to Mr. Jason, it is vital to believe in what you do. His confidence in what he develops keeps fueling his zeal for technology, which is what helps him deal with uncertainty. Hope’s way of doing things goes a long way in inspiring generations that are establishing themselves.

Hope as a Compassionate Figure

Jason, when asked about his moments in business, purposefully talks about philanthropy. Hope pursues charity zealously because it is ingrained in his heart. The most important thing to him is to ensure that he impacts shaping of the future of biotechnology. Mostly, Jason focuses his attention on healthcare IT, something that motivates his daily initiatives. In healthcare, Jason is particularly interested in finding out how anti-aging procedures can assist in prevention of disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Despite being an enthusiastic writer, Jason Hope also reads other people’s pieces. When he picks something interesting from an editorial, he never hesitates to share so that other people can get enlightened.

Jason’s Unique Way of Upholding Charity

Hope’s primary objective is to discover ways of dealing with the aging process. He supports SENS Foundation because apart from treating patients, they also use technology to come up with ways of reversing or slowing aging. Getting involved in life-changing activities is what mainly inspires him.

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A retirement plan that works with David Giertz

Life after retirement can be one stressing art if you are not prepared. So many people make this mistake of diving in the early retirement without having any plan. In fact, so many people had failed because they waited until they got to that place and that’s when they started planning which only leads to failure. During his interview David Giertz the best financial advisor talked about some of the ways that someone should go to secure a stable financial stable retirement. David Giertz in is interview said that no matter how much you earned as the monthly paycheck, that saving for early retirement has never been easy. That’s why it’s important to come up with a plan that will help in estimating the money that you will need when you’re retired.

The pension is what used to help our parents and grandparents back in the days, but they are since disappearing, said David Giertz. So the way to go forward is coming up with a retirement plan that includes the social security benefits. In fact, the research that was researched by David Giertz Company Nationwide Retirement Institute showed that almost 30% that have retired are receiving benefits that are way less than what they had planned. And the number has raised compared to the 22 percent in 2015.

In fact, David Giertz mentioned that his company research showed that the 37 percent of the people retired both long term and short time faced health problem issues. Health problems were the main cause that leads to so many people that retired not to live to their expectations. So the way to help with the health issues is to come up with a plan that set aside some funds that would help with the issues said, David Giertz. Because that was the only way to ensure that the retirement funds were not affected.

End Citizens United: Putting An End To Corruption In The Government

With all that has been happening in the American government, people are now dependent on political action committees to get their views and opinions across. One organization that has been receiving an incredible amount of support from people all over the country is End Citizens United. The goal of End Citizens United is a simple one, which is to bring about change in the government of America, but the path to that goal is a lot more complicated than it seems. With the incredible support that the organization has been seeing, coupled with people who are motivated to bring all the atrocities of the current government to light, End Citizens United has become a political action committee to watch out for.

End Citizens United identifies with the Democratic Party and sees them as the better choice for the people of America. The organization has a strong opinion that the Republican Party does not have the people’s best interests in mind, which is why they have come out with so many laws that do not resonate with what the people of America want. The organization has been able to bring to light several issues that the government has been hiding from the people. One such discovery that the group made was when they uncovered that all the ads that were being aired on Facebook, advertising for the Republican Party were managed and funded by a Russian organization. The country currently has a ban on foreign spending in political parties, to mitigate foreign involvement with the running of the country. However, the Republican party did not adhere to this when they published their Facebook ads, which is something that the people of America did not know before.

One of the striking reasons why the organization was formed in the first place was owing to the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United which allowed corporations to spend as much money as they like on political parties, and did not have to state or give any information to tax departments on how much they were actually putting in. People started using this as a way to gain positions in the government and then worked to bring their interests to the forefront, regardless of whether or not the people living in the country wanted it. There are currently members of the Republican Party who have their positions in the government through this manner, even though they do not have the right qualifications to do so.

End Citizens United knows that unless there is a stop put to all of this, the nation is not going to see any progress, and people are going to be in the dark about what is happening in the government, which is precisely what they are working towards.

About End Citizens United: ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

Drew Madden’s Approach To Solutions In The Medical Industry

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Drew Madden who also doubles as the company’s chief executive officer. Drew Madden is one of the few medical professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of information technology. Madden has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade providing solutions to individuals and institutions. Drew Madden majored in Industrial Engineering in the University of Lowa. As a business leader, Drew Madden understands that the success of any enterprise is pegged on its ability to champion innovation, build strong customer relations and establish a competent workforce. His experience in the field of IT is an added advantage because the field of medicine relies on advanced technologies to provide therapies to patients.

Some of Drew Madden’s strengths include excellent organizational skills, ability to plan for the future and understanding of the power of technology to medical industry. Drew Madden has partnered with some healthcare service providers to come up with software solutions to the process of medical reporting. Drew Madden began his career as a consultant of Cerner Cooperation. He worked with the company for two years before moving to Healthia on the same capacity of medical consultant. When Healthia was acquired by Ingenix, Drew Madden was appointed the regional sales director of Ingenix. During his tenure at Ingenix, Drew Madden got the rare chance of offering consultancy to Epic, GE-IDX and Allscripts Services.

Drew Madden also served as the President of Nordic Consulting Partners. His duties at the company varied from product development to supervising the everyday operations of the firm. During Drew Madden’s time as the president, Nordic recorded impressive performance regarding revenue and the number of employees in the company. With the experience he’d gathered from the corporate world, Drew Madden decided to start his venture in the field of medical services called Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Evergreen Healthcare is a consultancy that offers digital solutions to the health records department of the medical field. When enterprises invest in technologies that help them organize their information, they can understand the effectiveness of the solutions and scale up. Drew Madden’s company also offers opportunities for hospitals to upgrade their IT infrastructure so that they are up to date with the modern way of providing medical solutions.

How Personalized Merchandising is Changing E-Commerce

In an era of increasing competition between online stores, there is very little that separates different websites from each other in terms of products offered, price and delivery methods. That is why retailers on the web are attracted to the idea of tailoring the shopping experience on their sites to each customer’s needs, which helps them stand out from the crowd of traditional online shops. This idea is known as personalized merchandising.

Simply put, personalized merchandising is about showing the right products at the right price and the right time to every customer, which reduces the time taken by them to find what they are looking for. In turn, this decrease in effort required to locate the most suitable product on the website leads to an increase in conversion rate, or the percentage of visitors to the store who end up purchasing something.

Sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a vital role to play in tailoring the individual consumer’s shopping experience to his needs and wants. Everything from the home page to the suggested product listings can be personalized thanks to AI software, which collects data about each user’s likes and dislikes through their past as well as current browsing sessions, fine-tuning its output at each step whenever the user clicks a link or closes a panel of suggestions. Merchandising thus allows the online vendors to present product ranges and bring offers to the fore that will interest each visitor, making it easier for them to find what they want and increasing their chances of buying. This subtle method of marketing to consumers has had positive effects on sales as, according to a survey, nearly half of all customers tend to buy more if their shopping experience is more personalized.

Sentient AI has also attempted to compete with the one aspect of shopping that physical stores have an advantage in over online platforms: the ability to see, touch and try out items. Sentient Aware allows customers to not only look at images of different products, but the AI system recommends other items as well that would complement its look, according to the shoppers’ tastes, which will help them visualize the complete picture and boost sales of the online shop.

Personalized merchandising is a rising force in the e-commerce sector, and this AI is playing its role in popularizing this method of increasing conversion rates. The Sentient AI became one of the best tools to use for this purpose and because of that it is highly recommended.