Honey Birdette Delights Fans with Announcement of UK Expansion

Look out UK, here comes Honey!! Austria’s favorite lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, made a recent announcement that had its flock of diehard fans in the United Kingdom jumping for joy. Honey Birdette will be increasing its physical locations to 40 stores by the close of 2018. This news comes on the heels of Honey Birdette opening three locations in the United Kingdom last year. Those three locations have become so popular that they not only draw in visitors from outside the cities they are anchored in, but tourist destinations for those who visit London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White – the first three locations.

The first round of openings will include 10 new stores in the United Kingdom. Known locations include Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool and an additional location in Westfield. Honey Birdette currently has 55 locations in Australia. It has been thought that Honey Birdette is also scouting locations in other areas of Europe that would be successful with the company’s high end clientele.

Honey Birdette is one of those brands that is absolutely cherished by Australia. It was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 after she shared cocktails and a conversation with a close friend about the lack of upscale lingerie boutiques in Australia. While the two loved upscale lingerie, the closest high end boutiques were all in Europe and Australia offered nothing that catered to high end tastes.

Each Honey Birdette location has a personality entirely its own. However, all feature the same glossy black doors the company is known for, luxurious décor and an incredibly wide collection of lingerie, accessories and toys for the bedroom. Guests of Honey Birdette are invited to have champagne as they work personally with one of the store’s expert “Honeys,” who create a fun and exciting shopping experience. The store features a variety of lines to suit every taste. Guests can shop anything from soft and subtle silk negligees and slips, to extremely sexy lace ensembles. Honey Birdette even features a complete line of S&M apparel and accessories for those who want to be a bit daring in the bedroom.

An Objective Review of White Shark Media Services

The information age is here, and everyone that wants to survive in the world of business has to think carefully about getting a robust and reliable online presence. While many companies have taken the first step and gotten a website, most are still struggling with processes such as getting the right amount of traffic for the site. As a result, they are not making the lead conversions that would result in positive gains and improvement of the bottom line of their businesses. White Shark Media is a company dedicated to making sure that all their clients get all the assistance they need in digital marketing.

The first thing which will be done by White Shark Media when you contact them is looking at your website. The investigation will help them make a diagnosis of the problems hindering your progress in digital marketing. If they feel that the configuration of the site is not right, they will help you create the website fresh. Thin the process, they will optimize the website to attract clients and customers related to your niche.

The other service they offer is reliable and efficient SEO services. Research shows that internet surfers visit only the top five results of their web search. It means that in case your page is ranked lower than the first page, it will be close to impossible to get the traffic needed for any sensible lead conversion. SEO is a tricky thing because in most companies when they have tried it once without success, they tend to think of it as a scam. White Shark Media approaches SEO in a manner that will grab the attention of your group’s management team and assure them of positive results. They will help you pitch the product to the management team and most importantly, they will deliver excellent results.

There are other cases when websites start declining because the quality of the content is not engaging to the reader. White Shark Media content experts know how to create viral content. They also help you connect with social media sites which in turn increase the flow of traffic back to your site. They are the professionals to contact if you want your business to get to the next level.

How Can Agora Financial Help You?

For most Americans, we go to school, we work, and we hope to retire. Not everyone has taken classes in finance and many of us have little understanding of how to truly invest our money to ensure we will be protected in our retirement years. If you have some money you want to invest but are clueless when it comes to how this is where Agora Financial can help you.

Agora Financial utilizes print and online publications, as well as seminars and film to bring you independent information that will allow you to grow wealth and keep it. If you’re looking to take control of your money but you’re confused as to how to sort through financial information, Agora Financial publications can help steer you in the right direction. Whether your goals are for making money weekly, monthly, or long term, Agora has information that will empower you and your financial goals.

For 25 years, Agora Financial has been making accurate predictions concerning financial news. This includes the rise in gold and the mortgage crisis. Agora provides 100% independent information, with no bias. Instead of investigating market trends from an office with a window, Agora has their analysts travel the world, exploring directly where the next trend is occurring. This strategy allows you to invest in something while it’s on the ground floor. Buy low and watch your stock rise as it moves into the mainstream.

The predictions of Agora Financial have been recognized by major publications including The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times. Agora Financial publishes over 14 different publications that cover a wide range of financial ideas that include penny stocks and natural resources.

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Betsy DeVos The Incorrigible Reformer

If somebody can take the credit for trying to reform education in the country, it has to be Betty DeVos. Over the past three decades, she has spearheaded myriad initiatives involving campaigns, party organizations as well as political action committees. Reform is probably intrinsic to the DeVos way of life considering that her husband Dick DeVos too is into it.

As Chairman of the Windquest group, she has done great work in leading them to fulfill their mandate-that of investing in technology, manufacturing and green energy. Then there are some nonprofit roles that she performs as well. For instance as chairperson of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation through which she carries out a number of charitable activities. That apart, her membership of various local as well as national boards, that encompasses venerable names such as DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA as well as the Foundation of Excellence for Children. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

Of course, Betsy DeVos has now reached the pinnacle of her career as a major educationist by being confirmed as the 11th US secretary of education. A graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan Betty and her husband Dick De Vos have four children and six grandchildren. As secretary of education, Betty is working with President Trump to help advance the cause of quality education for children of all. It is DeVos’s firm belief that the zip code that a child lives in should not be a determinant of whether they should be entitled to a world class education or not, nor should one’s economic status.

As secretary one can expect her to press for the return of control over education to states and localities thereby providing parents with a greater say in their choice of educational settings for their children, which they feel are the best for their children’s future. It is fortuitous that the nation has as its education secretary somebody who has been striving to reform education for as long as one can remember.

The fact that her mother was a public school teacher ignited her interest in education at a very early age. This was further accentuated when at the time of sending her own children to school, she realized that not all American children received the best quality of education available. She has since spent a lifetime fighting to reform education and make quality education available to all American children in every nook and corner of the great land.

With her, at the helm of affairs, one can surely hope that she will be able to out her life’s experiences about advocacy of education to optimal use for the greater good of American school going children. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

The Music That Cassio Audi Is Known For

These days Cassio Audi keeps himself busy with the affairs of the business world, but that was not always what he did. He was actually the drummer and founding member of Viper in 1985. This rock and roll band ended up putting out two albums, both of which did pretty well.

Both albums were in English even though this was the second language of everyone in the band. That by itself is pretty impressive when you think about it, but the fact that the albums did as well as they did make this story even better.

The first album was decent in the eyes of fans and critics, but it needed more fine tuning to make it better. The group went back to the drawing board and in 1989 came out with their second album “Theatre of Fame” which was a much bigger hit with the fans. They loved it so much and it made the band well-known. Even so, Cassio Audi was ready to move on to the next stage of his life. He left the band in 1989 to go after a career in finance.

In order to even get to that point, he had to go to school and get his MBA. He did this and then went on to work in the financial industry. He is most admired for his work in the real estate business in particular.

It is amazing that someone can take on two vastly different fields of interest and do so well in both of them. That is just the kind of person that Cassio Audi is. He is liked by people all across a spectrum of different fields. It is his mission in life to try to keep the fans happy and keep working hard towards his overall goals in everything that he does.

For more information check him out on YouTube.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Brings New Opportunities to Medical Community

Since the time that Mikhail Blagosklonny has been working as an oncologist, he has been doing what he can to make sure that he can help people and that he can get more out of the community. There were many different options for people to be able to enjoy and for people to get more out of the oncology community. Before he even started Oncotarget, he was working to come up with publications to make things easier for people to understand. He wanted to be able to help his patients but he also wanted to be able to help the other people who were in the community. By doing this, he made things easier for people to get more out of the different options that they had.

Read more: http://www.aging-us.com/article/100591/text

Before Mikhail Blagosklonny came up with the idea for Oncotarget, he had more publications. He tried to publish all of the information that he found on the different cancer subjects so that he would be able to help people out with the medical field. He realized, though, that these publications were helpful but they were hard to use because they were not all gathered in one place and many doctors could not find them.

Oncotarget gave Mikhail Blagosklonny the chance to make sure that things would work out for all of the doctors that he worked with. He wanted them to be able to learn more about the different subjects in medicine. For example, he worked with people who were in things like neurology and even other areas of medicine. He helped them compile all of the information that they had found through research and that gave him a chance to make things easier for all of the doctors to come together and find out information that other doctors had learned.

Through Mikhail Blagosklonny, people were able to connect with the different options that they had in medicine. It was the first time that neurologists would be able to connect with oncologists on a simple level that had a different area for each of the subjects. They could learn exactly what they needed to make their own medical community better and to make things easier for the people who were in those communities. By combining all of these ideas, Oncotarget helps many different people get exactly what they need from the medical community and from the different experiences that they have.

As Oncotarget continues to grow, Mikhail Blagosklonny continues to find new uses for different treatments. For example, he recently started to use rejuvenation therapy to make things easier for people who were in different situations. He wanted to make sure that things that he had found from people like neurologists and cosmetic surgeons would be something that he could use in cancer treatment. There were many different things that gave him the chance to make sure that things would work out for the community and that people would be able to get what they needed out of different things in the cancer research community. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

John Holt Participates in Community Banking Panel

Nexbank President and CEO John Holt gathered with other banking experts to discuss the future of community banking at an open panel hosted by the Texas Banker’s Association. The panel, gathered for the fifth annual meeting, discussed the ways in which community banking is being changed and shaped by the challenges it faces, and how it can innovate and change with the times.

The meeting, also known as the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, gives leaders of banking institutions, financial consultants, and others in the industry to sit down at an open forum where they can ask questions and find solutions to common problems. The M&A format allows for strategic problem solving, and the participants, such as John Holt, can also talk with their fellows through organic growth and branching.

Nexbank Capital, Inc is based out of Dallas, TX. They specialize in creating custom banking solutions for commercial enterprises through commercial lending and credit, mortgages on warehouse and wholesale real estate, and other institutional services such as treasury management and investment banking. They work with both large corporations to find banking solutions that fit their needs, as well as major financial institutions.

The executives at Nexbank play a key role in the company’s success. Their focus is consistently on finding new and inventive solutions to commercial and institutional banking, and the results are delivered as a result of the experience and dedication of the executive team.

John Holt has served as Nexbank’s president and CEO since arriving at the company in 2011. He had extensive experience as the chairman, president and CEO of different financial institutions prior to joining with Nexbank. Under his leadership, Nexbank has grown to 5.3 million dollars in assets. He holds degrees from the University of Arizona, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas at Arlington.


Heavy Metal’s Cassio Audi Rises To Investment Success

The heavy metal band Viper may still be touring with one of the many different lineups the band has held over the course of its life that began in 1985 and has continued after a short hiatus from 1996 until 2002. Among the many different members of Viper, Cassio Audi stands out as taking a different route to success than many of those who have also taken up their instruments as one of the members of a legendary Brazilian heavy metal band; after leaving Viper in 1989, Cassio Audi has been a major success in the completely unrelated field of investments and finance.

Cassio Audi is now a well known member of the Brazilian financial industry, which has grown to become the fifth largest economy in the world with the investment specialist taking up an important role bringing investment success to the public of Brazil. Before finding investing success, Cassio Audi was known for the fame he has achieved as the original drummer with Viper as the band took its first steps to finding success on a national and then international stage.

Although their later albums saw Viper become known for combining classical and heavy metal styles, the first studio release, “Soldiers of Sunrise” saw the band achieve a popular sound that was created with a simple style of writing and production that proved effective with both critics and fans alike. Since departing the band as they prepared for the recording of their second studio album, “Theatre of Fate”, Cassio Audi has worked with some of the world’s leading investment institutions; the innovative nature of the work of Cassio Audi sees the financial specialist develop an investment group known for allowing individual investors to make their own decisions about the future of their fund made with advice and tips from Cassio Audi himself.

Find more information on Cassio Audi on his Facebook page.

The Finance Tale of Brian Bonar

Those who follow the fluctuations of the finance world undoubtedly know who Brian Bonar is. As a finance executive Bonar goes the extra mile and then some to make sure he gets the job done right. Ever since he’s jumped into the industry he has been nothing less than professional and reputable. Because of his polarizing personality and work ethic he has become one of the most popular and successful business leaders in finance.He’s served as a leader at many companies and corporations throughout his career. Most noticeably Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Inc.

When you’ve achieved what Bonar has people often ask, “how did you do it?” The answer is a complicated one as there is no one clear cut way to success. For Bonar however, perhaps his technical background is what sets him apart from the field. His unique mixture of technical genius and engineering allows him to build effective business structures. His work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Bonar understood very early on in his career that knowing finance in and out was his ticket to longevity in his career. After studying the industry strenuously he honed his skills and natural talent. He has mastered many different aspects of finance including the development of innovative sales and marketing strategy.

Bonar first made a name for himself when he joined QMS as Director of Engineering. In a span of four years he managed a team of roughly 100 engineers. the engineers were responsible for developing both software and hardware.Five years after leaving QMS he founded Bezier Systems, which was the first company he owned. It created the first SCSI based printer. In 2000 he was honored with the Who’s Who in America award. Bonar possesses a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College. Also visit his LinkedIn account : https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-bonar-a123136

The Ultimate Story of Gregg Secker

In an interview with the CEO/CFO Magazine, Gregg Secker talked about his life as a CEO and what inspires him to succeed in life. As an entrepreneur, Gregg Secker always lives up to his philosophy, “I’m not a why guy, I’m a why not man.” This philosophy has guided him to achieve a lot in life. His passion in finance started a while back when he was in college.

He studied agriculture and food science in college. Despite this, he managed to spare time to learn how to code which became a hobby. He eventually built a 3d model that showed the fluid dynamics of a follicle. He did this while he was still pursuing a degree in agriculture and food science.

He started working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. At this company, his love for finance grew. He was able to learn about the forex trade and gain the necessary skills in forex trade. These skills in addition to his passion for coding facilitated Gregg Secker to build a virtual trading desk. The virtual trading desk was a huge success as it was the only online currency trading platform.

Later on, Gregg Secker quit his job at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He started his own company that deals in forex trade. Besides running his business, Gregg Secker is an inspirational speaker. He has spoken at many seminars. The workshops include; National Achievers Congress, The Wealth Expos, and the Success Commit Congress. Gregg Secker loves speaking in seminars as it allows him to share his passion and experiences to the young entrepreneurs.

Gregg Secker philanthropy

In spite of his success, Gregg Secker has remained humble. He runs a foundation, The Gregg Secker Foundation; this organization helps teach vital life skills to youths from all over the world. Moreover, he is the current ambassador of City philanthropy. City philanthropy is a program that campaigns for entrepreneurs and businesses to incorporate philanthropy in their enterprises of activities.

Currently, Gregg Secker is running a program in the Philippines. This program seeks to empower people of Filipino with life skills and entrepreneurial skills. The program will help them to be able to be innovators.