Julie Zuckerberg: A Resounding Name in the World of Finances

Julie Zuckerberg is the best person to approach if you plan to kick off a career in the financial sector. Julie is a seasoned and globally acclaimed financial executive and recruitment lead based in Manhattan, NY. She is one the most successful and accomplished women in the corporate world and her prevalent reputation and stature adduce her excellent skills and aptitude. Julie is currently serving the Deutsche Bank as its Vice President and Lead Executive Recruiter. It is noteworthy to mention that the Deutsche Bank is a truly global and one of the leading financial establishments of the world, which is in the business since 1870.


Julie has a rich career in finance which is defined by an extensive work experience with several leading financial institutions. She started her career in 2002 as a Hiring Manager at Hudson, a firm which she served for the next five years. During these five years, she honed exceptional experience in recruitment. At Hudson, Julie made a success out of every task she encountered. She successfully recruited case managers, secondary staff, and attorneys for the bank in both temporary and permanent positions. Her job at Hudson reflected a devotional dedication and passionate urge for innovation while providing her valuable insights to employees in making their careers illustrious and great.


In 2007, Julie went on to join the Citi Bank as its Executive Recruiter. Her extraordinary skills made her an important player in the bank’s establishment. Apart from providing her state-of-the-art skills to the management of the bank, she also introduced new trends in employer-employee relationships. She is known for imparting new hiring strategies, and recruitment policies to the Citi Bank. After working for Citi Bank for 7 years, Julie started working for Deutsche Bank. Starting as an Executive Recruiter, she rose to the position of Vice President in a short time.


Julie Zuckerberg specializes in training and coaching recruitment teams. At Deutsche Bank, he the leading figure in formulating and implementing recruitment strategies. With her 15-year long experience, she is dedicated to improving overall hiring process at Deutsche Bank, with a special emphasis on improving screening and selecting candidates for various posts ranging from lower staff to managerial staff. She has used her outstanding recruitment skills to induce the best candidates to work for her institution. Julie’s brilliant skills continue to benefit the Deutsche Bank in multiple ways.


Julie Zuckerberg was born in and grew up in Manhattan, surrounded by an aura of financial ingenuity. She studied Philosophy at Brooklyn College and later earned a Law degree from New York Law School. During her career as a recruiter that spans over two decades, Julie has internalized advanced skills and expertise in a wide range of subjects including Leadership, Management, Executive Staffing and Conflict Resolution. Besides her specialization in the recruitment process, Julie has an unimpeachable capability in dealing with all aspects of a financial institution.


As a person, outside the corporate world, Julie is interested in several extracurricular activities, ranging from photography and physical activities to exploring food outlets. She also spends her free time in seeing art galleries.

George Street Photo And Video: Welcome Home

The last thing couples should do prior to their wedding includes choosing a poor location. Imagine getting married in an “anti-scenic” place such as a junkyard. Such a choice would remain disastrous. Moreover, it would destroy any enthusiasm that visitors and guests normally have during a wedding. Not only does a location set the tone, it also results in great photos. With that being said, couples need to reach out to George Street Photo and Video Address.

For those unaware, the company holds years of expertise under its belt. In addition, the company has two prominent locations. For couples in the Midwest, they should refer to their Chicago location. Not only does Chicago remain one of the nation’s most populous cities, it also epitomizes a metropolis. Also, the company has an Atlanta location. For couples looking for a southern place to “turn up,” they should visit the great city of Atlanta.

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Vinny Parascandola And His Excellent Performance At AXA Advisors

Many appreciate the services of AXA Advisors but only a few know that the French multinational insurance firm rose from humble beginnings to its current status. Equally, the firm’s Senior Vice President, Vinny Parascandola, rose from a modest background to the high position of a business executive who has steered the insurance giant into what it is today. Parascandola features prominently as one of the top executives who have helped the company consolidate its year on year growth in different portfolios including global insurance, financial security, and venture management.


As a respectable financial guru, Vinny started with the administrative roles that saw him hold the post of the Executive Vice President of the Advantage Group, a subsidiary of AXA Equitable. This was after a successful career at the MONY Insurance Group where he served for 16 years. Vinny came out as a shrewd and hardworking executive at AXA Equitable, and his efforts got him more recognition. He headed the firm’s subsidiaries in different divisions and his knack for success catapulted him to the top rank he holds today.


With Vinny Parascandola in charge, AXA gained popularity with its efforts to help people plan their financial future. Parascandola focus was to see the firm recruiting and retaining executives who would guide clients and assist them to invest and manage risks in the insurance and investment sector. The Senior Executive Vice President helped introduce customized solutions to address the needs and interests of individual client clusters.


Vinny Parascandola career spans more than 20 years in the insurance industry. His achievements are a clear indication that he is passionate about success for the company. Previously, he has won several awards, and he is a recognized speaker within industry circles. His proficiency with insurance strategies and investment development best practices has helped sustain AXA’s growth. Currently, AXA is among the firms that hold the highest growth index parameters within the sector globally. Today, the company has a significant presence in more than five continents, and the positive trend can be attributed to Parascandola’s efforts. With Vinny’s expertise and natural desire to improve his life and that of his clients, AXA Advisors is likely to attain even greater achievements.


Greg Finch And His surgical Success

Many individuals who are involved in the orthopedic community know of Dr. Greg Finch. Dr. Greg Finch is a member of the North American Spine Society, and he is experienced in minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Dr. Greg Finch was trained at the Auckland Medical School in Australia, and he graduated in 2001. Dr. Greg Finch has a passion for minimally invasive surgeries because he has been able to see how this type of surgery can give people huge benefits.


An orthopedic surgeon is a person who works on bones, muscles and tendons. This is an individual who wants to help their patients in order to alleviate their pain. Orthopedic doctors do more than just give their patient surgeries; they look for other treatments that can help them to relieve pain from arthritis, breaks, or fractures. Dr. Greg Finch is an individual who has dedicated a large part of his career to orthopedics, and that is why he is an expert in the field.


One of the most common orthopedic surgeries is a total joint replacement. A total joint replacement can be needed because an individual has severe pain due to arthritis. During a total joint replacement, a surgeon will do an assessment on the parts of the joint and their damage; they will next replace the joints with metal and plastic prosthesis. These pieces are shaped to restore the movement of the joint. Another very common surgery is an ACL reconstruction. The acronym ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligaments, and when this ligament has been torn, it can cause an individual to have a lot of pain as well as loss of their normal range of motion. During an ACL reconstruction, a surgeon will attach an new tissue to the bone with screws that hold the tissue in place. When the new ligament starts filling in, the healing process begins.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta Is Helping MS Sufferers

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a New Jersey neurologist who is using the most high-tech advances to help patients who are suffering from the symptoms of multiples sclerosis. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a board-certified neurologist, and he is also a psychiatrist. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a staff member of the Kennedy University Hospital, and he also has his own practice in Voorhees, New Jersey. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is an individual who graduated from Government Medical College in 1979, and he got his postgraduate in medical education at Boston City Hospital.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is an individual who has been practicing medicine for the last 40 years, and he has been investigating different cures for neurological diseases. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta accepts the majority of major insurances and he is an individual who is fluent in Spanish and English.

Multiple sclerosis is a very difficult neurological disease that many families have had to deal with. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be ravishing to an individual’s body and that is the reason why neurologist have developed many different medications to help ease its symptoms. The problem with medications for multiple sclerosis is that many patients still suffer from a lot of painful symptoms after taking the medication.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has helped to develop a therapy that is called high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant. This type of therapy uses an individual’s stem cells, and it helps to give long-term remission of symptoms. This is truly a groundbreaking therapy because in clinical trials, it helped 70% of patients when it came to the multiple sclerosis symptoms. While patients were taking this medication, they had no progression of their symptoms and they had no new brain lesions. There is more investigation that has to go into these clinical trials, but for many individuals who suffer from multiple sclerosis, the findings of Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta are very promising.

Personal Interview with Nine9 CEO and Founder Anthony Toma

In a recent interview published by Ideamesch, the founder and CEO of Nine9 The UnAgency, Mr. Anthony Toma opened up on several issues regarding both his family and company. The interview covered a wide variety of issues ranging from personal truths like his love for the Detroit lions and his daily family life to corporate questions such as his inspiration for starting Nine9 and factors that have contributed to the survival and growth of the company and more information click here.

Nine9 The UnAgency was founded more than 12 years ago in the year 2013 and the main goal of the company is to provide actors and models with the opportunities, tools and support structures that they need in order to start, develop and advance their various careers. The name of the company is actually inspired by the fact that 99% of actors and models within the entertainment industry do not have access to the facilities and support required to help them establish successful careers. This is the gap that the company now works to fill on a daily basis although in the interview Mr. Toma revealed that its establishment came about as something of an accident that happened as he was looking for grocery franchises and learn more about Nine9.

When asked about the habits that make him successful as an entrepreneur, Mr. Toma attributed everything to good listening skills. He also gave credit to the Entrepreneurial Operating System designed by Gino Wickman and which the company continuously employs in all his operations. Interestingly, he pointed out failure as one of his strongest pillars for growth. He indicated that he has managed to grown by failing time and time again and was quick to recommend the same for other entrepreneurs hoping for success. His dedication to family was also evident when he outlined his regular morning routine and also when he revealed that he once spent $100 on his son’s tooth as a tooth fairy but still felt it was the best $100 he ever spent and Nine9 of Website.

More visit: https://nine9.com/castings

Honey Birdette: The Beginning of a Lifelong Affair with Luxury Lingerie.

The Australian sensuality boutique Honey Birdette, who first made its print in the world back in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia has found rapid success, as it is one of its kind when it comes to leading luxury lingerie and bedroom accessories.

Honey Birdette has 55 stores throughout Australia, as well as three current stores operating in London. With stores already established in prime locations such as London’s Convent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City, the brand is aiming to extend its success in the UK by having a total of 40 stores up and running by the conclusion of 2018.

The brand has managed to capture the attention of many Americans as well. In the course of the past 12 months Honey Birdette has seen a 374% increase in sales by their US audience. Such success has led the brand to launch their official US e-Commerce website and hopes for possible future retail openings in the United States.

Shopping should always be an overall rewarding experience. When shopping at a Honey Birdette boutique the brand will be sure to attract and keep all your five senses heighten. In the boutique you will find eye-catching unique store décor, the smell of potent perfumes made in France, from champagne served to guests to the real feel of garments accompanied with outstanding service provided by the “Honeys” at Honey Birdette, you can count on an overall satisfying shopping experience.

Honey Birdette empowers women to feel and look their best by offering a mixture of high quality garments and high-end toys for the bedroom. From delicate lace accents to eye-catching leatherette textures, the brand will be sure to meet the needs of a variety of women.

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Clay B. Siegall Discusses His Career Path and the Progress in Cancer Research

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., has contributed a lot to the research of cancer-related therapies for the last two decades. The founder, CEO, president, and board chairman of Seattle Genetics has been on the front line in the development of antibody-drug conjugates among other scientific research. Ideamensch featured him on April 14 of this year. From the feature, a few issues regarding his life came into the limelight.

Motivation behind Seattle Genetics

The idea of founding Seattle Genetics has a deep and painful history. Clay’s father was diagnosed with cancer and later succumbed when Clay was still a teenager. That painful experience made the young man develop an interest in finding solutions to cancer disease. In his mid-20s, he had established that there existed an acute shortage of oncologist knowledge at the time. He felt that that situation had to change.

By the time he completed his Ph.D. in genetics from the eminent George Washington University, he had acquired enough knowledge to kick-start his research career. He joined the Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Bristol-Myers Squibb and sharpened his managerial and research skills. With that, he quit the organization to start Seattle Genetics.

A Bright Future

Clay is optimistic that the future is bright as far as oncology research is concerned. He told Ideamensch that for the 30 years that he has been in the industry, he has never been more optimistic than he is today. He said that cancer patients are in a better place to access treatment than they ever have been.

As a researcher and entrepreneur, Clay Siegall had a word of advice for other entrepreneurs and especially the youth. He cautioned that the know-it-all attitude is detrimental to personal and career development. In order to develop as a person, Clay advised that it is of paramount importance to interact with knowledgeable people so as to learn from them.

Clay Siegall’s Professional Life

Clay Siegall is based in Seattle, Washington, D.C. He spent his first three years of his career at National Institutes of Health before joining Bristol-Myers Squibb in 1991. He has more than 70 published scientific papers, and he has 15 patents to his name.

In his leadership role at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has achieved a lot. He has led the company in rounds of public and private financing that yielded close to a $1 billion. The firm has also developed several drugs that have been approved by U.S. FDA.

Consumer Deals For Beneful Dog Food Available Through Target Stores

Beneful dog foods are one of the exceptional products created by Purina that are sold at all Target stores. The full line of Beneful dog foods is available through Target, but in-store inventories are left to the discretion of individual Target store managers. Though some great Beneful products are not regularly featured on store shelves, they are available through special orders.

Most Target stores regularly feature the most popular Beneful dog food products. These include the Playful Life, Originals, Healthy Weight, and Healthy Puppy lines. Target stores also carry specialty Beneful items like the chewy Medleys line featuring healthy Mediterranean diet blends. These varieties are sold in both wet and dry dog food formulations at prices that match, or fall below specialty pet store prices.

Target stores regularly issue coupons for pet owners to take advantage of exceptionally low prices on all Beneful products carried in stores. These coupons are issued as incentives when consumers sign-up online through Target, or Purina. Coupons for preferred Beneful products are sent to private mail accounts on a daily basis. They include offers for discounts on multiple product purchases, or free Beneful wet food and dry dog food products. Of course, consumers should be aware that Target stores must charge certain sales taxes in states where coupons do not cover tax charges.

The best way to find coupons for Beneful products offered at Target stores is by joining the Target Cartwheel. This member portal shows all of the available coupon savings for Target members in select locations. Target Cartwheel is available to anyone who makes a purchase at a Target store, and agrees to receiving in-store select bonuses by mail and online notification. All products at Target, including the full range of Beneful dog food products, can be purchased at discounts using valuable Cartwheel coupons.

Bob Reina Never Stops Giving Back With Talk Fusion

For Bob Reina, giving back is simply a way of life. He does not know any other way to live, and quite frankly, he does not want to know any other way. He loves giving back and it puts a smile on his face when he knows he is making a difference in someone’s life. Here is the thing, though: Bob Reina is not doing this to get headlines or for people to tell him how great he is or what a nice person he is. He is doing this because he believes it is the right thing to do and he wants to do it.


Take for example the fact that Bob Reina made a record breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It shows a lot about a person’s character by how they treat animals. He saved a number of lives by doing this and he really made a fantastic difference. When Bob Reina does something, it is not going to be small potatoes. It is going to be big. As the old expression goes, go big or go home. Bob Reina is not going home. He is going big. He is also encourages his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing.


His latest act of kindness was giving out 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to new customers. He knows a lot of people have heard about Talk Fusion, want to try it out, and want to see what it is all about and how it works. Maybe, at the moment, they can’t afford it and it’s in the cards. With this 30-day free trial, they can see it for themselves, use it, and find out all of the wonderful perks that come from this award-winning company. They will see it is worth it and have a little bit of time to save up money to use it and experience it to the fullest.


Once they try it out, by the first day, they will be blown away with the video newsletters, video emails, and video chats that come with it to name a few of the features.