Always in the Know with ClassDojo

We are living in an era of dependent social media usage. Most of our days are spent with a phone clutched in our hand and thumb scrolling. Today’s classroom is no exception. ClassDojo is a modern, virtual classroom at our fingertips. From grades K-12, this classroom app provides you with complete access for parents, teachers, and the students.

Currently, there is no other social media platform like it created specifically for the classroom. Always be in the know with what your child is learning and accomplishing throughout the day. Share your child’s milestones with them in the moment. There will be no more mysteries. If you cannot make it to a parent-teacher conference, have no more frets. With schools that employ ClassDojo there are no more antiquated in-person conferences. Parent-teacher conferences are now virtual. There are no surprises about a student’s behavior or lack of participation.

You have complete access to their school experience with the ability to freely message and interact with their teachers. You will also have access to current classroom videos and pictures so you will feel like you are sharing their educational journey. It has been proven that students who have parents participating in their schooling naturally progress better than the students who do not have parents thoroughly interested in their school day.

Unlike other popular, yet, unhealthy social media platforms, ClassDojo does not leave anyone behind. Nobody feels left out or scrutinized. Every student is in this together. The positive encouragement feature promotes a healthier environment for learning as well. Students perform better and are happier with this platform being present. You will always be in the know with ClassDojo.


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