Academy of Arts University takes the fashion industry with a storm.

Are you passionate about art? Do you desire to learn the skills in a reputable school? Then the Academy of Art University is that place for you, the institution was formerly known as Academy of Arts College and was established in 1929 by Richards Stephens. It is located in the United States, San Francisco and is one of the largest art and design school in the United States.

The school has approximately 280 full-time trainers, almost 1150 who are part-time employees and about 12600 students. Academy of Art University is a privately owned institution that aims at equipping people with the right skills.

Before becoming a college, it was a school for marketing art, the institution, however, grew and by 1992 when Elisa Stephens took over the school became recognized by more people. In 2012, under Elisa’s leadership, the intake of students moved from 2000 to almost 18 000, this has also promoted the school’s growth.

Academy of Art University has been instrumental in producing some of the best artists and this has helped the school take part in events like NY fashion week. The school also ensures that the conditions are favorable to suits all their students and ensure they produce the best, the institutions thus have private buses which facilitate the transport of students from their classrooms to their dorms.

To be recognized as a designer or artist is not an easy task and requires dedication and sacrifice. One of the major platforms that give designers this opportunity is the New York fashion week. However, Academy of Art University has made this even better. The school now has a runway showcase; the showcase is aimed at creating a platform for good designers to be recognized and pave the way for their future careers.

The 21st runway was held on 9th September 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Square; this opportunity was given to ten new graduates with a bachelors in fine art as well as a masters in fine art. The occasion presented them with a chance to showcase their diverse designs and show their vision for the future of fashion industry.