A Case Hanging in the Balance: NutriMost vs. Healthy Living

People understand that the body has hormones, but then they believe that the manner that they gain weight is not dependent on those hormones. In fact, most tend to believe that the manner they gain and retain weight has to do with their level of exercise and general diet. While this is somewhat true, mention must be made that the manner a person gains weight and is able to lose it is totally dependent on their body and, yes, their hormones. As a result, most popular diet trends on the market prove ineffective or temporary. Essentially, a person loses their weight and ends the diet only to gain their fat back in a short time. Why is this, though? The professionals who have developed the unorthodox diet, NutriMost, know exactly why: Other diets are designed for groups rather than individuals.

With NutriMost, thousands of genetic markers are analyzed using their specialized technology. From there, a diet is constructed as a means that will allow a person’s body to naturally balance their hormones, including leptin, which is responsible for causing and suppressing hunger.

With such profound results, NutriMost tends to fall victim to some unsightly theft. Currently battling with their rival company, Healthy Living and their Can’t Lose Diet, NutriMost insists that their promotional video has been swiped by the competitor. Though most could claim they have fallen victim to theft a time or two, NutriMost seemingly has all of the proof–especially since Healthy Living did not change much about their own video, and kept testimonies from NutriMost clients in it. Conclusively, though, time will always reveal the truth, but one thing remains sound: NutriMost is unique and, certainly, effective.




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