21st Century Banking

Banking has come along way throughout the years for the wealthy as well as the average everyday person. These institutions give people of way of securing their assets for a small monthly fee. Whether it’s a big National Bank, a small Credit Union Center, or the Standard Community Bank. Did you know that many community banks offer some of the same products and services as the national banks? That’s right! We are now living in the “digital age” and this era has a lot of innovative technology for providing the best service. The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference was held in the Crescent City back in November 2016 and it was hit once again.


This year John Holt, whom is the CEO and president of NexBank Capital, attended the conference and was chosen as one of it’s guest panelist. This banker panel was all about “reinventing community banking” as a whole. Many industry insiders, bank leaders, advisers, and consultants had a chance to discuss any and everything about this style of banking. Whether it was the introduction of new and advanced technology, to sharing perspectives, and giving opinions on what can be done to improve the many services. NexBank was well represented here as John Holt took to the stage and discussed everything from branching, networking, and organic growth. NexBank is a premier Dallas, Texas Area Financial Institution that specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking.


It’s also one of the leading regional banking centers in the South with over $4.0 Billion in assets. Community Banking can now rival it’s counterparts in this demanding industry as NexBank offer services such as online banking, treasury management, public finds, mobile banking, commercial lending, credit services, and more. The future is now here and NexBank is leading charge.