The Career Life and Achievements of the Respected Billionaire, Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the principal and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, a global investment firm worth over $ 36.1 billion. Fortress Investment Group was launched in 1998, and Randal has been one of the top rated executives of the company. He has held different leadership positions of the firm and has been a pivotal contributor to the success of the business. Randal Nardone holds pride in education; he attended the University of Connecticut where he studied English and biology. He, later on, joined the Boston University School of law for his jurisdiction degree. Nardone is an expert in legal matters and has been in charge of the of the company’s legal issues since its existence.

Randal secured his first job as a novice lawyer. He worked at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood law firms as a partner and an executive committee. He joined the Blackrock Financial management, where he also served as the principal of the firm. Before establishing Fortress Investment Group, he worked as a managing director of the Swiss Bank giant USB. Randal has a reputable career journey, and through his law and financial skills, he has made Fortress Investment Group one of the leading companies in the financial sector. In 2014, the company was honored to be presented with the Management of the Year award and was also recognized as the Hedge Fund Manager of the year in 2007. Randal was ranked as the number 557th billionaire worldwide with a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars by the Forbes.

Randal Nardone has created a perfect working environment for the Fortress Investment Group employees. The management team is friendly, and the employees enjoy excellent benefits like monetary rewards for long working hours. In 2017, Soft bank, a multinational conglomerate holding company in Tokyo Japan made announcements of its interest to acquire Fortress Investment Group. The Acquisition will be beneficial to the United States economy and will also increase job opportunities in the nation.Mr. Nardone and other co-founders of the Fortress Investment agreed to the merger and will continue leading the company under the Softbank. The founders have also decided to vote 34.99% shares of the Fortress shares in favor of the transaction. Randal Nardone also serves a board of director for numerous companies including the SeaCube Container Leasing, the Springleaf Holdings and the Aircastle limited. Randal has also been a board member of the prestigious companies like the New Residential Investment Corp and the Eurocastle investment limited.


Wes Edens is Fortress Group of Investment Co-Founder and serves as Principal, Chief Officer for Investments in Private Equity, Private Equity President, Co-Chairman and Private Equity Head from 2009 August. Edens works as Executive Co-chief Officer in the organization since 2017 December. Mr. Edens is in charge of publicly traded and private equity investment alternative businesses. At some time he operated as Executive Chief Officer at Fortress Group of Investments from 1998-2003. Edens graduated from the University of Oregon with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Science Finance. Mr. Edens has immense credit, management, and private finance equity expertise. Wes Edens is Milwaukee Bucks Co-Owner. In between 2002-2007, he worked as Executive Chief Officer for Investment Holdings in Newcastle. Wes operated in Eurocastle Investment as Executive Chief Officer. While at Global Signal he worked as the President from 2005 December and Executive Chief Officer since 2002 October. In Capstead Mortgage Edens operated as its President and Executive Chief Officer between 2000-2003. At Impac Holdings he was Executive Chief Officer since 1999-2000. Wes was Manager of Global Finance Principal Group. In Switzerland’s Union Bank he was the Managing Director from 1997 to 1998.

Wes Edens acted as Managing Director and Partner in BlackRock Management from 1993-1997. At Lehman Brothers, he operated as Managing Director and Partner between 1987-1993. In Drive Shack, Wes was Director and Chairman since 2002 June. In Fortress Corporation of Credit, he was Principal and Co-Chairman. At Senior Group of Investment, he acts as the Chairman and also Mapeley’s Chairman from 2005 May. Edens serves in East Coast Florida Corporation as the Chairman. 2007-2017 Edens worked as East Coast Florida Railway as the Chairman. He has been New Media Group of Investments from 2013 November. Wes Edens worked as Eurocastle’s Director from 2002 to 2007. In Intrawest Resorts he operated as the chairman from 2014. In 2011 September Edens was Chairman of OneMain Holdings.

Since 2011 September was Springleaf Finance’s Chairman and also Fortress Infrastructure and Transportation Chairman from 2015 to 2016. He was once New Residential Chairman since 2013 April to 2016 May. Edens worked as Nationstar Mortgage Director and Chairman from 2012 to 2016. He operated as Director and Chairman of SeaCube Ltd from 2007 June. In Aircastle Wes Edens was a Chairman from 2004 October to 2012 August and served as Director from 2004 October to 2012 August. Wes was Director and Chairman of Rail America since 2006 November up to 2012 October. He worked as Whistler Blackcomb Director and from October to November 2012. Previously he worked as Pinnacle Holdings Director. Edens graduated from the University of Oregon with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Science Finance. Mr. Edens has immense credit, management, and private finance equity expertise.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation Opens Multimedia Centers for Children During Pivotal Time

When the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) was founded, there was tremendous enthusiasm among those who were involved in the process of bringing its concept to fruition. The enthusiastic concept for RSF began from a casual conversation between Ryan Seacrest and family members during dinner. Ryan’s idea was to have a segmented media center to inspire children while they’re receiving life-saving treatment at pediatric hospitals.

The RSF builds multimedia centers for pediatric hospitals all across the nation. The foundation is dedicated to inspiring youth, as well as providing knowledge about the multimedia and the entertainment industry. Through education initiatives, the RSF connects with children of all ages. The goal is to have an atmosphere for them to explore the aspects of radio, television, and new media outlets while experiencing a positive pivot from their healing process. The multimedia centers, named Seacrest Studios, encourage optimism, stimulating excitement and an uplifting environment for both the children and their families. The fun concept has been a welcoming experience. In 2016, the RSF received the Cynopsis Social Good Award.

According to Ryan, in June, the RSF received support from the actor, Blake Cooper, who visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Both Ryan and Blake share a bond because they’re both Atlanta natives. Blake shared his time with the children and parents in the Seacrest Studio, while actively participating in the learning and education process. He also shared a private screening with the children of his upcoming movie, “Measure of a Man,” in which he plays the part of a bullied teen.

Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host, who also is the Chairman of the foundation, has been a public figure for more than a decade; however, the RSF is a commitment that he chose above the celebrity nature of public success. Ryan has put a spotlight on pediatric treatment and the need to bring a sense of normalcy to the lives of children, while they’re going through the unimaginable. The RSF recently opened its 10th multimedia center, with aspirations to expand worldwide. The foundation also offers an eNewsletter for people to continue their interest in knowing updates and volunteer information. For more updates, visit Ryan’s Twitter account here.

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Information About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson lives in Nashville, TN. He has been working as a stage manager, sound engineer, and tour producer. His role is to help the artists to make live performances and he is always there so that he can ensure that everything going on is working properly so that the gathered crowd can appreciate the performance. Being an ambitious man, he ensures that what he does makes him the best because he has the music passion and anything that might be related to music. He offers his clients the following services; production management, show production, design, rigging, managing the logistics, monitoring machines and managing the stage.


During his early time when he was starting his career, Clay Hutson used to tour and work with the Billy Graham Sound team. He acted as the sound engineer. What made him follow his heart is his rock music passion which drove him to focus mostly on the music industry. In his career, he has traveled to Australia, Europe, and North America and helped world greatest musicians. He has also achieved in bringing most entertaining live shows.


He offers turnkey solutions and his clients refer to it as budget friendly. The clients note it because it is delighted and full of surprises. He helps the client start from ideation, a budget needed for the execution site. That will make him as the first shop that you can stop when in need of event preparations. He will work well to a point of producing your music.


It was a decision that Clay Hutson made to join Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in their second leg, Soul2soul. Despite it, the country not to be able to tour from 2007 in the world tour. When they had toured, they had high demand and it made them extend and they needed Clay Hutson this time so that their tour can helm with an exciting live production.


The world tour kick kicked off on 31st May 2018 in Richmond, Virginia. The second Soul2soul leg will feature Caitlyn Smith and is the one to open the act. Devi Dawson was to follow, then Brothers Osborne, NEEDTOBREATHE, Seth Ennis, Midland, Prince Margo and many others. That tour made Clay Hutson feel being honored when joining the amazing world show which McGraw and Faith Hill organized.


  1. Clay Hutson has got respect from the world and he has worked with great musicians like Kid Rock, Kelly, and others without forgetting Guns “N” Roses. In the last two decades, he has helped musicians thrive in live performances. Learn more:



Jim Larkin- Creating a Combative Citizen Army

The world needs people like Jim Larkin who stirred the beauty of equal working rights making the unskilled and skilled workers feel special. Jim lived in slums of England and had an unbearable life with no education, he focused on manual work and eventually becoming the leading voice of Ireland Workers.

Jim Larkin born of a self-effacing family in 1876 joined the dock workers at an immature age, and his precision decision tactics saw him rise to foreman position. He joined the worker’s socialists with the strategic power of giving his fellow better working conditions and payments, and he gathered massive of workers to enter the Docks Labourers and the Nations Unions of the Organizers.

In 1905 he became the full union member working day and night to negotiate for his fellow unskilled worker’s rights and benefits. His tactical move and fast thinking saw Jim Larkin moved to Dublin in 1907, becoming a vibrant unionist and adapted to using tactical and attracting styles that made workers powerful under his voice. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

The dedication of his followers saw him creating a stronger union by combining the skilled and also unskilled workers under one union umbrella. The Irish Transporters union became the general workers union for all Ireland people.

The union under the mentorship and guidance of Jim Larkin was unshakable and robust with some of the government official joining the move due to its excellent skills. The union core agendas were fighting for all workers regardless of education, class, age, and race to enjoy decent gains that will enrich their families.

Jim Larkin decided to make the general union more attractable and resistible by making it a political party and James Connolly became a significant player in the party.

Their combined power and strength saw the duo start the most significant strike in Ireland that lasted for nine months with the government giving workers the ability to have pension programs, overtime payments, and eight hours of works, adult suffrage, Arbitration courts and also have the public transport and canals in every city.

Jim Larkin played it rough and also safe using the strategy of boycotting of government goods and sympathetic strikes. He created the famous Irish Citizen Army believing that a fair day for every worker needs to be crowned with fair day pay.

Vinod Gupta Shares Key Tips With Budding Entrepreneurs

Vinod Gupta is a prominent businessperson who has dominated the data storage and information technology niche of the tech industry since he entered it in the early 1970s. Mr. Gupta wasn’t born in the United States, born to a rich family, or otherwise more likely to succeed in business and his entrepreneurial endeavors than others. As an impoverished Indian native who was born in one of the poorest states of India, Uttar Pradesh, Vinod Gupta truly overcame probability and ultimately raised a company over nearly four decades that ultimately sold for a little more than $460 million. See This Page for related information.

Mr. Gupta was recently a part of an exclusive interview with the professional and equally prominent journalists at IdeaMensch, one of the world-wide web’s most popular sources of great interviews with some of the biggest names in the general world of American business.


Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.


Let’s dig deeper into the May 2018 interview between IdeaMensch and Vinod Gupta

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Vinod Gupta feels sharing some of his secrets to success in any industry is part of his personal social responsibility to fledgling entrepreneurs and those who are considering breaking into business. Vinod Gupta believes that taking multiple risks on a regular basis in entrepreneurial ventures is key to actually striking luck and becoming successful. However, Mr. Vinod Gupta also believes that being conservative in spending one’s capital is equally important.


He gave this advice to IdeaMensch when asked what advice he’d give to up-and-coming entrepreneurs across the United States.


Vinod Gupta feels that his early realization that information technology and computer-aided databases were not well-developed when he entered his marketing research position at The Commodore Corporation helped him gain confidence for him to branch out and start the company that would later become Infogroup. Gupta said in the interview that he thinks fully studying markets one would like to enter is of utmost importance.


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