Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere and her brightly painted face covers instagram. Inspired by the likes of Dita Von Teese, Deere is a business woman and an artist. Recently, she was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. Her brand, Lime Crime, is explosive and has a cult-like following in the world of make-up. Some call her the leader of a pack of fearless unicorns! Unicorns, unique women not afraid to celebrate what makes them special. Stylist Magazine recently profiled the unique business leader and her one of a kind make-up company.


Lime Crime is a digitally-native beauty brand; a cult favorite and leader in the social and digital marketing space. Lime Crime’s mission, headed by Doe Deere, is to revolutionize makeup, this includes how you shop for makeup to how makeup makes you feel. Lime Crime’s make-up, unique packaging, and vegan/cruelty free products are setting trends everywhere. The high quality make-up helps you feel your best in your unique way. Some products (like their fantastic lipstick) have become mainstream must-haves.


Doe Deere began building Lime Crime in 2004 when she registered the name as her eBay shop. Invoking her favorite color (bright green) and rhyming, it was a fun idea. Now, people associate Lime Crime with color revolution, rule breaking, and acting (coloring with make-up) outside the lines. Lime Crime’s customers have fun with makeup and do not take themselves too seriously. The unique name makes Lime Crime memorable and stand out in internet searches in what how now become a massive market.


Located in LA, Lime Crime is available to women (and men) all over the world who are searching for bright colors and easy to use makeup that is high quality and packaged as creatively as the endeavors of the customers. Lime Crime and Doe Deere want customers to express their personality unapologetically through Lime Crime’s many products. The looks are individual, just like the customers. Whether you want a sparkle, a deep hue, or an non-traditional color, Lime Crime has you covered.


While the road to cult status has not been smoother, and like any company, there are negative perceptions on-line, checking the Lime Crime website, or watching instagram posts by the company and customers will show that there is no doubt this unique brand meets the needs of its faithful customers. The perfect shade of Lime Crime will put a lasting smile on your face – and everyone you meet. Learn more: 

How to Earn through Freelancing on Upwork.

Freelancing is increasingly becoming a lucrative business, this has been made possible through the rate of internet penetration which has increased over time. Freelancing has created millions of jobs around the world and has helped to improve their living standards.

According to statistics, a significant number of the freelancers are graduates, this has helped to lower the number of graduates looking for white collar jobs. One of the main challenges in the economies of the world is the high number of unemployed youths, some countries have put various measures in place to reduce the rate of unemployment but some have failed. Freelancing gives an opportunity for the young people to work at the comfort of their home and at their most convenient time.

Upwork is one of the freelancing platforms where individuals could earn a good living and help in delivering marketable content for a company’s products. The platform comprises of a wide range of professional content writers and therefore a client can easily get help as and when they need it.

Upwork provides for a system that allows the freelancer to get paid easily after completing an assignment. When it comes to doing some daily work, it’s important to keep a list of various activities to ensure that all of them are done according to plans. Some of the tips to ensure that you follow your to do list include writing down all the tasks to be done. According to scholars, writing the tasks down makes it easy for the individual to remember.

Scholars argue point out that the body of a human is always more energetic in the morning. A person should consider doing the most important things during the morning hours.

The individual is likely to be more productive. With the level of technology that is available today, individuals have numerous platforms where they could write their to-do list. However, to avoid the time wastage that could result from comparisons with various places, it’s advisable to ensure that you write the tasks on one platform. It’s common for people not to finish the tasks due to time, it’s advisable to ensure that you do the tasks within the time you set.

Some activities may be important than others, the most important tasks should be done first. Some tasks will help in doing others.


End Citizens United Fires Up Its Endorsements for 2018

As the reverberations of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court Decision continue to upend campaign finance activities, the political action committee (PAC) End Citizens United is working tirelessly to mitigate the damage. Founded in 2015, the group was created to staunch the flow of corporate money into U.S. politics. There are a number of ways End Citizens United is supporting campaign finance reform, but, as the 2018 midterm elections approach, their efforts are currently focused on supporting reform-minded candidates.

End Citizens United is channeling its financial resources, raised entirely through grassroots efforts, 400,000 strong and growing, towards candidates who support finance reform. The group has already made a number of endorsements for 2018, and here are some the more prominent campaigns receiving help from End Citizens United.

Beto O’Rourke

Challenging one of the country’s most divisive politicians, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, O’Rourke has been a vocal supporter of campaign finance reform. Currently representing Texas’s 16 congressional district, he is one of only 6 members of the House of Representative to refuse contributions from big money donors and PACs.

Randy Bryce

Bryce was all set to challenge one of the GOP’s biggest names, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. Ryan’s decision not to seek reelection must have been a welcome development, but the Army vet and former ironworker was already out-raising Ryan by a significant margin.

Jacky Rosen

Running against Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, a big-money tycoon, this congresswoman has plenty of experience fighting for campaign finance reform. As the representative from Nevada’s 3rd District, Rosen has sponsored or co-sponsored a number of campaign finance reform bills.

Elissa Slotkin

A former CIA agent, Slotkin will need to draw on those resources to outmaneuver incumbent Mike Bishop in Michigan’s 8th District. Bishop is one of 20 candidates on End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list. He has voted against campaign finance limits throughout his career, and the PAC is hoping Slotkin will be the agent to take him down.

Brendan Kelly

Challenging another Big Money 20 incumbent, Kelly is an Illinois State Attorney with a storied record of challenging the rights of special interest groups.

Andy Kim

A former Rhodes Scholar, Kim is a first-time candidate who is among the several dozen candidates to take End Citizens United pledge, promising to forgo any corporate funding in his fight for New Jersey’s 3rd District.

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Whitney Wolfe Answers the Call to Change Dating App Environment

Whitney Wolfe is still taking it all in. To her it may seem like it was just yesterday when she was walking out of the doors of Tinder and filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. It may seem like a page torn out of her diary that is on display for the rest of the world to read. Fortunately, she did not let her turbulent time at Tinder stop her from growing as a business woman. Fans of her Bumble dating app may even say that the harrassment there is what sparked the fire that she possesses now.The recently married Whitney Wolfe really knows how to get the attention of those that are interested in something new in the social media aspect. It is no surprise that she wanted to create something where women would feel safe. She wanted a social network that would engage people in a plethora of different communication platforms.

Merci was the original dating app concept that she had in mind. Long before she opened spots like the Bumble Hive, where singles from Bumble could engage with matches that they have made, Whitney Wolfe had her mind on something else.The new wife of oil tycoon Michael Herd had her mind on creating a social network that was for women only. She was so through with the concept of cyber bullying that she wanted to actually create a network where women could avoid sexual harassment as they formed their own social circles. This was the ideal that she originally wanted to pitch forward.Whitney Wolfe came along in the app development world during a time where cyberbullying was at an all-time high.

Suicide rates were increasing from kids that were reading negative comments that were stated online. Sexual harassment on dating apps was something that was prevalent. Since it was already a male-dominated world there was no real means for anyone to stop it or even do anything about it. This is when Whitney Wolfe collaborated with others in the dating app field as she began to brainstorm over her own company. When she took a look at the way that sexual harassment and cyberbullying had really taken over social media she knew that she could not back away. Whitney Wolfe knew that there was an opportunity here. She realized that Bumble could change the lives of many single women and men that were seeking change.

History and Future of the End Citizens United Organization

Every so often, there are supreme court cases that send ripple effects across the country. The legendary Dred Scott vs. Sandford in 1857 and Roe vs. Wade in 1973 are old examples. However, the recent ruling in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case in 2010 may just become a modern day landmark event. An article on the website Reporter Expert, breaks down what lead up to the ruling, the aftermath, and what is being done now with the formation of End Citizens United.

This case stems from a 2008 film attacking Hilary Clinton. Citizens United wanted to air the film, but the FCC blocked it due to Citizens United not revealing who had funded it. This lead to the FCC being sued and First Amendment rights being called into question. The supreme court ultimately ruled, in a 5-4 vote, that it didn’t matter if the one who funded the film was named or not. The movie can still air regardless. This decision essentially gives corporations unlimited power to sway an election. The ruling’s harmful side effects are what makes it very concerning.

With the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling in effect, companies can use targeted television and radio ads with no repercussions. In fact, it even gives the republications an advantage in future election due to their connections to rich donors and corporations. Naturally, democrats and countless organizations have strongly opposed this decision. Some even going so far as to propose an amendment to overturn the ruling.

Overall, there was one clear way to get results. The organization End Citizens United was formed in March 2015. The goal is to help democrat candidates who support better campaign finance laws and work towards a constitutional amendment. They have assembled a team of experts who are extremely knowledgeable and active in the political world. End Citizens United is currently well underway working on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Out a Significant First Time Occurrence With Bumble

Dating apps and social networks are among the most popular and most successful platforms in this era. Whitney Wolfe herself has brought forth something that is innovative for dating apps as well as social networks. However, she has taken it a step further than any other platform has done. This shows that Whitney Wolfe is not only creative, but also very perceptive. She has an eye for opportunity. One motivating factor for this is that she is hoping to empower women so that they can not only experience success, but have a feeling of significance without having to deal with all of the unnecessary struggles.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done with Bumble was open up a physical space. One of the major reasons she has opened a space is so that she can make the community that was forming official. This has proven to be a major event. One thing that visitors will see when they visit the space is that a lot of thought has been put into the image. Whitney Wolfe has wanted to show an image of a classy and welcoming place. At the same time, she did not want to put pressure on the community.

When looking at the space, people are going to see a lot of unique pieces of furniture. This can make people want to stay at the space. The lighting and the overall color of the space brings out a special mood that people are not going to find anywhere else. Whitney Wolfe has proven herself to be very thorough when it comes to her business. This is one of the reasons that some business owners want to buy out Bumble. However, Whitney Wolfe fights for her company and the intended customers. She is not someone who is going to be intimidated easily.

Getting Started in the eSmoking World

The world of eCigs, vapes, and much more has been growing like no other. Being new to this world may make it seem very overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from like which brands to smoke with, what type of setup is needed, etc. So here’s a little introduction for anyone new to the electronic smoking world.

When looking for any form of eCig the first thing to look for is accessibility. Having an easy to use eCig as a beginner is all that’s needed. Any new eCig smoker should be able to pick their cig up and smoke at ease, without having to deal with any form of extra settings, options, buttons, or anything else that can make such a simple process more complex than it needs to be. One thing to know as a new eCig smoker is that a refill will be needed just like a vape needs refills. From first sight, it’s common for people to think eCigs don’t need or can’t get refills which is very understandable for anyone new into this realm of smoking. These juices can be purchased on sites like O2pur or at most local smoke shops.

Now with vaping, there’s a bit more that goes into it than just getting some eCigs. A vape can be tailored to the personal wants and needs of a smoker. O2pur does a good job at offering the basic essentials for anyone trying to get into vaping as they offer a perfect 40watt starter pack. This is just the right size for any starter as not many new vapers want to be carrying around a fat battery for a vape they may not be using avidly yet. On top of that vape and eCigs offers a handful of flavors that can suit any smoker’s needs. Allowing the smoking experience to be not only tasty but better smelling too.

Some flavors/juices that are perfect for any new eSmoker should be somewhat low in nicotine level, roughly 0-6mg, and offer a taste that is enjoyable no matter the occasion. Things like nicotine level and flavor preference will change with time, and that’s the fun part, experimenting with flavors adds a new layer to the smoking experience. Flavors can be fruity, tart, natural, and much more. Juices can be found on O2pur, any local smoke shop, and local vape oriented shops too.

The eSmoking world may seem very intimidating at first glance with all sorts of items and pieces being needed. With due time any new eCig smoker or vaper will get the hang of it all. In a matter of time, everything will feel beyond comfortable and the smoker will be more knowledgeable about their purchases and any topics at hand.

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Jason Hope: A Beacon for Change

Jason hope is a philanthropist that is working to help reverse age-related disease. Age-related diseases include arthritis, osteoporosis, and cancer. The problem with the development of these illnesses at an older age is that they diminish the quality of life by causing pain and a decreased ability to recover. Aging is one thing that no one can escape. It is no respecter of persons.

It does not matter how much money you have, how healthy you are, or all the things you have done to reverse it. Aging is a progressive process that happens to everyone. There is no doubt that aging is a part of life. It does not have to be something that people don’t look forward to anymore. No one looks forward to the droopy skin, brittle bones, achy joints, or constant fatigue.

The significant problem with aging is that the health care system focuses more on treating symptoms and making money off of the ailments and suffering of individuals instead of addressing the cause of the illness. Illnesses need to be treated, reversed, and prevented. That’s where Jason Hope comes in. Jason donates money to the SENS Foundation for many years. In 2010, he donated $500,000. The SENS Foundation aims to give everyone access to technology that will prevent the harsh impacts of aging and the development of illnesses.

The foundation uses biotechnology to create new ways of preventing disease. Healthier food production, and increased awareness of how medicine can prevent and diminish age-related illnesses is a big part of what the SENS Foundation does. The organization was created in 2009. It has done a great job in increasing the awareness that will increase the possibility of global change. Jason Hope openly praises the work of the SENS Foundation.

He especially supports their strategies to fight against diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Jason Hope is by far a true philanthropist who cares about the health of all humanity. His donations are funding positive change aging and age-related illnesses. Another reason that the foundation is so productive at its efforts is that it owns and operates its laboratories.

It performs its research. It is located in Mountain View, California. Hope believes that his donations are speeding up the progress of the foundation and that it will not only reverse the damage caused by aging but will lower the major risk of individuals losing their ability to take care of themselves or suffer and die from the age-related disease.

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Boraie Development Officially Opens ‘Shaq Tower’

Boraie Development has become one of the biggest privately-owned real estate development companies in New Jersey, and they also have a celebrity who has partnered with them. That celebrity is NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal whose invested some of his money in properties that Boraie Development has constructed in Newark. The latest development is One Rector Street, a project that began a few years ago and has just been completed. But due to O’Neal’s involvement and his plans to move into the top floor, the high rise has been unofficially named “Shaq Tower.” It’s the first high rise that’s been built in Newark in more than 50 years and Newark’s city leaders including Mayor Ras Baraka were pleased at how smoothly the opening went, and they’re hopeful about what this building can do for Newark’s housing market.


Boraie Development has built some of New Jersey’s top-ranked housing units over the years, and it all started with one man’s plan to do something for Newark’s neighboring city, New Brunswick. That man was Omar Boraie, a former chemistry student from Egypt who was working on a PhD at Rutgers University, and when he first had a look at downtown New Brunswick he realized how bad its economic situation was. Blocks of properties were vacant but the prices were relatively cheap, and Omar Boraie realized he was probably the only one who was going to do something about the downtown. He founded Boraie Development around the early 1980s and by 1988 his first property building at the Albany Street Plaza was finished. You can visit for more details.


Albany Street Plaza was finished completely by 2003, and Boraie Development was soon joined by other developers who started bringing more office space to downtown New Brunswick. But where the company really turned heads was when they finished the One Spring Street condo high rise. High rise housing did not exist in New Brunswick at the time, and most city leaders did not think this property was going to be filled to capacity, but it sold out in just 2 months. Upon completion of One Spring Street, Boraie Development started building more properties including 390 George Street, the Estates at Waverly Place and later the CITYPLEX 12 development that was completed before One Rector Street took form. Boraie Development is now looking to invest more into Atlantic City’s real estate market starting with a beach apartment complex known as the Beach at South Inlet. For more info you can check out



OSI Food Solutions Received Award at the British Safety Council

OSI Food Solutions has been given the Globe of Honour Award at the British Safety Council Awards Luncheon in 2016. This award is given to outstanding companies in the management of environmental-friendly practices. The award was given on November 25, 2016, during British Safety Council’s event in the Draper’s Hall, London.

OSI Food Solutions is part of the 18 organizations that were given the Globe of Honour in the same year. The qualifications to win the award is the company’s capacity to show excellent practices in environmental-friendly guidelines. They must be able to have the five stars in British Safety Council’s environmental scale, during the company’s audit from August of 2015 until July of 2016. OSI Food Solutions met and exceeded the requirements, as they are able to show to a panel of auditors their capabilities to achieve environmental-friendly practices from planning until delivery.

Lynda Armstrong, the Chair of British Safety Council is delighted to give the award to OSI Food Solutions. With present concerns on environmental risks created by non-regulated companies, OSI Food Solutions stands as one of the exemplary organizations that do not merely focus on profit but also for protecting the environment. Not only is this a plus in the health and safety of the consumers, it also represents a valuable company ethic that other companies should imitate.

More about OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is also expanding in their global productions. Recently, the OSI Group in Spain is targeting a high-capacity production for the year ahead. The investment of $17 million is completed in 2017, which allowed the production capacity of OSI’s chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons yearly.

In this latest progress, OSI Food Solutions in Spain was able to make 45,000 tons of beef, chicken and pork products. The entire project in the country is set to provide more jobs in the company, adding 20 additional staff to an existing manpower of 140 people.

According to Jose Maria del Rio, the managing director of OSI is Spain, the growth is a response to the demand for chicken products in the country as well as neighboring nations such as Portugal. They have seen the increase in demand for chicken items from about 6%, and they are expecting these trends to gradually increase over time. They are currently preparing for the growth trend by adding new facilities and scaling their production.

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