This Is How Much Research Paul Mampilly Puts Into Every Stock Recommendation Of His

Paul Mampilly has always stood out from the crowd. As an investor, he has consistently made investments that were always successful. He seems to be always right on target. He is always hitting the mark. The same applies to his newsletter. He has over 90,000 subscribers, even though he started just over a year ago. This is proof that it is extremely popular, even though many other periodicals are losing their subscribers and declining. A lot has to do with the way he makes his recommendations and who he targets them to. He targets the average American who just wants to be able to be successful.

His approach is centered entirely on the reader. This means that he will offer advice that is easy to follow and use to achieve success. Many people who subscribe to this newsletter have minimal experience. However, by just following his advice, they are able to learn a lot and make investments that would cause jealousy among even experienced Wall Street investors.

People who subscribe are able to choose from a number of subscription plans, including online and in print. They are able to access Paul Mampilly’s online portfolio of recommended stocks, which he updates all the time. He sets low and high prices so that readers do not face any substantial risks.

Paul Mampilly draws upon his years of experience. He was on Wall Street for twenty five years. By the age of forty two, he had amassed enough wealth from his investments that he was able to retire comfortably.

Paul Mampilly also won a prestigious award from the Templeton Foundation. He invested fifty million dollars, and he achieved a profit rate of seventy six percent. After that, he was left with eighty eight million dollars. He did this by investing in stocks that eventually saw great growth rates.

Paul Mampilly is a bold investor. He is able to pinpoint which stocks will be successful, and he will go on to purchase them, even if other people are still afraid of doing so. According to Paul Mampilly, when he makes a recommendation to his subscribers, he puts in between fifty and seventy hours of research and analysis until the recommendation is approved and prepared for his readers. He often makes recommendations about time limited opportunities that his readers grab like children grabbing candy.

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Barbara Stokes is Committed to Using Her Business to Help Others

Barbara and Scott Stokes, CEO and COO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC (GSH), have recently announced that new jobs will be created in eight U.S. states. The jobs are in manufacturing, and while GSH headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama, additional jobs will be offered in states like Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Texas. GSH is building modular homes to support the relief efforts associated with Hurricane Harvey.

CEO Barbara Stokes shares that GSH is very excited to invest in the new communities, and states that the work is designed to support local companies and promote job growth in the surrounding communities. COO Scott Stokes also adde that GSH will provided superior quality to their new facilities so that hurricane victims can live in homes that are safe and innovative. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH was founded in 2008 and is a Disaster Relief Contractor. GSH provides several solutes to both private sector and government consumers, using techniques that are technologically advanced. The organization is also an industry leader, and Barbara and Scott Stokes, along with their senior management team posses more than three decades of experience in disaster relief.


Barbara Stokes in a 2001 Mercer University graduate, where she studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering. During her time at Mercer, Stokes also studied management and manufacturing, along with thermodynamics, technical communication and structures and properties of materials. Stokes also has experience in supporting FEMA’s mission and worked in government contracting before coming to GSH.

In addition to her CEO role, Barbara Stokes volunteers actively in the Huntsville community and is a mother of three. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

McGalla Leads as a Female Business Executive

Women in business leadership positions has always been an issue. The “glass ceiling” is a hard obstacle for them to overcome.Women, like Susan McGalla, have worked to pave the way for women to be able to obtain those top executive positions. Businesses with more gender diversity are found to be 15% more likely to be successful and those with racially diversity are 35% more likely to be productive. This diversity lends to more creativity and helps businesses to perform. Despite these statistics, men are still more likely to hold top executive spots.

Susan McGalla had a background that helped her become successful in a male dominated field. The only daughter of a football coach, Susan McGalla was not cut any breaks. She had to work for everything she wanted. This philosophy helped her to earn her way to top positions in several companies. She worked to the top spot at American Eagle Outfitters. Before she earned the top executive spot there, only men had the executive leadership positions. Once she left the position, she started her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting, and she is the Vice President of Business Strategy of the Pittsburg Steelers. McGalla has worked her way into positions once only filled by men.

The problem of only men in top positions is not a new problem. The business world has recognized it and tried to address it for years, but it persists. Networks and initiatives exist to help women earn these top spots, but there is still a small percentage of women who hold these positions. These networks and initiatives do not address the real issue. Susan McGalla understands how these things do not address the problem.

Executive sponsorship can help. Women who wish to hold an executive position should find an executive sponsor to help her learn the position.

Dr. David B Samadi Is One Of The Most Prestigious Doctors In the Country

David B Samadi is a urologist who diagnoses and treats prostate cancer in men. The doctor out of Iran has made a long journey to get where he is today. Although he was born in Iran, he was forced to move at a young age. When a revolution struck country, he and his brother had to flee.

With no parents, the two brothers migrated to Belgium, London, and finally the United States. Samadi ended up in Roslyn, New York where he earned his high school diploma. He was granted a full ride scholarship to Stony Brook University. After earning his degree in biochemistry, he began to look for a job. He practiced his work in many prestigious faculties before finding his way to Lenox Hill Hospital. Today, he stands at the Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery. He is now the highest paid doctor in New York.

He has made appearances on television shows including Fox & Friends. Dr. Samadi is a well rounded man. To ensure his success, he keeps himself on a very routine schedule. His schedule includes waking up before 5 AM and beginning work at 6. During his work in the industry of prostate treatment, he has made a number of advancements. One of which was his SMART technology. SMART technology is a robot assisted procedure technique that stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique.

While traditional prostate procedures result in unpleasant side effects, Samadi was able to solve that. Through using robot surgery methods, Samadi is able to be much more precise while working around the prostate. Usual methods damage nerves surrounding the prostate and can result in incontinence or impotence. Samadi’s system results in less side effects and has left 90% of his patients cancer free. Dr. Samadi is a hardworking, determined man. He loves helping others and has found himself lucky to be in the position he holds.

He surrounds himself with people like him, ensuring that he will succeed and grow. He spends lots of time with his team members. He states that they eat, travel, and laugh together. Through developing close relationships with his staff, he is able to work better with them. Dr. Samadi is one of the most prestigious doctors in the country. His hard work, dedication, and selflessness has taken him to where he is today. Without his advancements, prostate cancer would be much worse.

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OneLogin: Software Design With An Eye On The Future

OneLogin has created successful software and security systems for several years. The most recent innovations have lead to profound results when it comes to project management, infrastructure, and technological design. The most sound results that can be seen include a commitment to excellence and consumer preferences. By taking into account the changing landscape of security technology, they have facilitated some excellent strategies for ongoing changes.

OneLogin is a platform that used to be incompatible with web based technology. It was a serious limitation as many consumers had pre-existing software and technology that required the cloud. Not being able to integrate created a barrier to entry for many businesses as well as unforseen challenges for existing markets. Thanks to recent developments facilitated by OneLogin it is possible to see unique systems and methods of integrating with the cloud. Now, users can easily and conveniently pair their infrastructure with OneLogin whether it relies on the cloud or not.

Other areas where this company have improved include management personnel and the adaptability of their mobile app. By adding consistent value to their software and key procedures, OneLogin has improved where other companies have lagged behind. Their unique app has keyword rich search functions and allows for a great amount of flexibility for consumers. There are so many successful aspects to this technology that the most prominent features have been brought to the forefront as well. The benefits of enhanced mobile design as well as consistent development in multiple areas of infrastructure have made OneLogin a remarkable option with unique and successful growth potential in the future.

The special advantages that employees have at this firm allows them to have positive experiences while engaging in one of the best businesses to work for of 2017. The dynamic workplace at OneLogin has receive an accolade from Fortune Magazine, calling it one of the top ten workplaces in 2017. The new management of a head CEO has contributed to these exciting results too. With new technology, a highly developed app and numerous new clients, OneLogin is poised to experience excellent changes in the years to come.

Oncotarget: The Online Medical Journal that Keeps on Evolving

Back in the old days, scientists from around the world are keeping their discoveries in private notes, and they keep them in their library. It is up to them whether they would like to publish their discovery, but it will take years before the information reached other cities around the globe. With the introduction of the internet, data can be transported on the other side of the planet in an instant. Scientists, oncologists, in particular, have been dreaming of a platform for years that can store data and information, and be shared with other scientists around the world. It has been thought as an impossible feat until two oncologists from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute found out a way to address this issue. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gurkov are oncologists working at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute either as a professor, a researcher, or a scientist. They have spent so many years in studying cancer and finding out how it can be eradicated. They have been sharing their information regularly with other scientists around the world who decided to be their partners with cancer research, but the data shared is not organized and can be lost anytime. Because of the necessity to store the data and information and then transfer them safely, later on, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gurkov thought of migrating the data and information that they formulated on a large, online portal that can be accessed by anyone. The idea became a reality in 2010 when they launched Oncotarget.

Since its introduction, Oncotarget quickly became the most popular online medical journal, being used by a lot of scientists around the world. They are grateful to the innovation that was made by Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Mr. Gurkov, and the scientists have stated that the new online medical journal can save lives, as well as time and money. What the scientists do is that they check the portal every time for original articles, and after they found one, they are discussing it with their colleagues and try out several experimentation to see if it works.


Oncotarget has been a favorite among scientists, and they keep on putting new information on the portal. Oncotarget would later publish this information online and makes it possible for other scientists around the world to get their copy of the report and leave a review based on what they think about the publication. Check Oncotarget journal at