Anthony Petrello: Foundation For Success

With a trailblazing career in the oil industry, the business guru, Anthony Petrello has helped establish Nabors Industries LTD. Propelling the company to incomparable hieghts, Anthony Petrello assisted in making Nabors Industries LTD the largest oil drilling contracting company in America.

Anthony began his longterm career with Nabors Industries LTD in 1991. After securing a degree from Yale University and Harvard University Law School, Anthony served as a managing partner of Baker & Mckenzie LLP. Following a successful five years, Anthony Petrello switched his focus into Nabors Industries LTD.

The innovative company owns and operates an impressive 520 oil rigs. Along with unique services, product development, machinery rental and data collection, the cureent President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Nabors Industries LTD is the leading name in the oil industry.

As the President and CEO, Anthony Petrello oversees all valued company operations. Under Anthony’s supervision, Nabors Industries LTD manages and monitors logistics and facility maintenance, natural gas, geothermal, oil drilling, oil hauling and a host of other services. Anthony also helps secure global contracts for Nabors Industries LTD. The company operates in a variety of countries including Anerica, North America, Africa, Middle East and the Far East.

Using his excessive influence and secured finacial status, Anthony Petrello has worked generously with a host of organizations. Establishing his very own, Petrello Family Foundation was created and established.

Anthony Petrello’s philanthropic endeavors include donations to a variety of local businesses and organizations. Anthony and The Petrello Family Foundation have donated to Hermann Park Conservancy, Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and many more.

Anthony served as the Honorary Trustee for the Texas Heart Institute. He also serves as a Trustee for the Texas Children Hospital in Houston.

Anthony’s philanthropic work is regarded as one of the most generous in the state of Texas. The businessman has managed to create a solid foundation for a host of organizations and charities.

“The Greyhound Diaries’: A Look At Struggling Americans Nationwide Presented By Doug Levitt

‘The Greyhound Diaries’ is a novel written by Doug Levitt. The book is a collection of stories, pictures, songs and memories of Americans that ride Greyhound busses. The book is based on Levitt’s over 100,000 miles traveled on the busses over a 10 year period. The people he met on those Greyhound busses were struggling to get by. The book is modeled on the initiatives of the WPA in the 1930s to get a accurate portrait of how Americans were living during that time of crisis. ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ attempts to tell the stories of how modern Americans are dealing with the crises they face today.


The book reveals the myriad encounters Levitt had with the struggling American that ride Greyhound busses every day. It shows some of the many problems they face and the impact it’s had on them and their families. The riders shared intimate stories of how they’re surviving and how the tough economic times affecting their lives and the towns and cities in which they live. The stories reflect the grim reality of the types of problems they face. The book shows a daunting American experience of which few people around the country are aware. The book is accompanied by EP recordings and a web series.


Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter. He is former Washington, D.C. mayoral candidate and City Council member Carol Schwartz’s youngest child. A graduate of Cornell University and a Fulbright Scholar, Levitt attended London School of Economics where he earned a masters degree in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict. He then became a London-based foreign correspondent for NBC, ABC, CNN and many other news organizations covering the conflicts in Bosnia, Iran and Rwanda.


Levitt’s father, David Schwartz, committed suicide when Doug was 16 years old. He said that influenced his decision to become an artist. His Greyhound Diaries project has yielded two EP recordings, a web series, several photography shows and a book. Levitt has performed pieces from the work at shelters, ex-offender programs, Southern Poverty Law Center, Walter Reed Military Hospital, the Woody Guthrie Center, The Kennedy Center and many other venues.



What Does Equities First Holdings Specialize In

Equities First Holdings is a company that offers lending solutions. They offer their services to both businesses and high net-worth individuals who need access to non-purpose capital. Here is more information about what the company specializes in.

Equities First specializes in providing stock loans. Unlike many other types of loans, their stock loans uses equities as collateral for the loan. If a person has stock with a specific company and if they think over the next few years that the stock will appreciate, then they can transfer their shares to Equity First and receive a stock loan.The company’s stock loan comes with attractive terms, such as lower interest rates that are not found with many other financing companies. Also, the company’s stock loans are non-purpose. This allows the borrower to invested in anything they want, such as retire with more expensive debt, expand a business or for other personal reasons. This is why people love doing business with Equities First Holdings.

It’s also worth noting that at the end of the company’s loan term, the pledged collateral is returned to the borrower. This means the borrower will retain all of the dividends, as well as market appreciation.Are you a business or an individual with a high net-worth that needs non-purpose capital? If so, then contact Equities First Holdings and find out how they can help you. They offer stock loans that you may be approved for, but the first step is to contact them by visiting their website or giving them a call.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

Avi Weisfogel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. When he was in college, his passion revolved around becoming the best dentist in the world. As a matter of fact, he worked towards realizing his dream in this profession. When he graduated with the highest honors, he went off to start his career in a manner that has no depiction of this industry. For this reason, everyone wants to become associated with him. In this field, his passion was different. He went on and founded better business through capital management and stability issues. For this reason, you would get better business through capital management and stability issues.

Avi Weisfogel founded the Dental Sleep masters Company in 2014 to enhance his abilities to dig into research about the possible cures o the disease. During his many years of attachment to this call to action, he has developed more than 100 therapies used in dentistry. For this reason, everyone works to attain better business management in a manner that is not depicted in this industry. If you want to become a better manager, you must strive to get better business through stability purposes. For over 15 years of professional experience, he has been recognized by the American Medical Association as one o the biggest contributors to this association. For this reason, he works to attain better business through policy management platforms.

Avi Weisfogel has also made his name through seeking to teach medical practitioners on the methods they can use to develop and administer the sleep apnea therapies in dentistry. For this reason, everyone works to develop high-end capabilities associated with this entity. According to a recent study conducted by the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey, more than 90 percent of people suffering from this illness do not realize until they are attacked by other diseases. As a matter of fact, the research also points out that more than 100 people in the United Sates die every year from this illness. For this reason, the government has to take caution about this illness.



Equities First Experiences Huge Growth in Revenues over the Past Three Years

Equities First Holdings (EFH), a global lender and provider of alternative financing solutions, that has been in business since 2002. They use publicly traded stock to enable clients to get the funds they need for business expansion and other needs. EFH provides capital against shares of stock owned by the borrower. They have done over 700 transactions since their beginnings, lending over $1.4 billion, with high loan-to-value ratios at low fixed rates.

EFH has offices in nine different countries including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the United States and more. In November, 2016 the company relocated the Melbourne Office. It is now in the heart of the city, making it more accessible to clients and associates.The Australian clientele is growing and moving to a larger location will make more room to future business expansion. The new Melbourne office is 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. In Australia, the three locations with offices are Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. EFH makes stock-based loans to help business owners with expansion efforts, strategic investments, and other purposes.

EFH has office in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and their company headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2014, the company acquired Meridian Equity First Partners Pty. It now does business on four different continents.Founder and President of EFH, Al Cristy, says he is excited about deliver their trusted services to a broader base of clientele. Their six offices in North America, Asia, Europe and now Australia, they are able to offer financing solutions to investors, businesses, and business executives around the world, using publicly traded stock.

Over the past three years, the company has experienced yearly growth of more than 30 percent. It is continuing its record setting growth pace. The company’s global workforce has increased by more than 50 percent since 2012.


What Have You Done For Your Lips Lately?

In recent years, leaders in the cosmetic industry have enjoyed a significant increase in business due to the recent trends in beauty. From face pallets to the latest skin care systems, it is no doubt that the recent trends have revolutionized the world of beauty. While the excitement of painted faces and expensive skin care lines may interest some, for many, it’s still all about the basics. Knowing that beautiful skin starts with proper skin care, the team of professionals at Evolution of Smooth began formulating skin care products geared toward a variety of different skin types. Their most popular product-tiny lip balm spheres. Though they are tiny, one should not be fooled by their size. These petite balms are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that both protect and soothe your lips, for a beautiful look and feel.

Daring to jump into an industry filled with fierce competition and endless options, the small skin care company planted their roots in New York City in 2006. It would take them nearly three years to perfect the tiny moisture packed spheres, and less than a few months to take the world by storm. Available in an array of different flavors and fragrances, the petite sized balms quickly helped EOS lip balm rise to fame in the cosmetic industry. While consumers can’t seem to get enough of the all natural and organic balms, it is obvious that there is a bit of favoritism amongst the variety of flavors. EOS Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a crimson-pink colored sphere, harvesting a lightly scented balm packed with natural extracts aimed at healing and preventing dry lips, and is one of the most popular among its siblings.

Strawberry Sorbet:

Lightly scented and eye catching, the Pomegranate Raspberry balm has made its way into the hands, pockets and purses of consumers all over. As always, all EOS balms are 100% natural and 95% certified organic. Featuring vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, EOS pomegranate raspberry is the perfect solution for every day moisture as well as repairing dry damaged lips. Join the movement, pucker up and treat yourself to irresistibly smooth lips with EOS.

EOS lip balm products are available on your local Target stores, Walmart, and Ulta. The products are also available online on and Amazon.


For Anesthesia in Austin, Nothing Beats Capitol:

Since 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been a premier anesthesia service in the Austin area. Employing 80 highly qualified physicians, they can be found at medical centers all over the capital city of Texas, providing a wide range of anesthesiology services. CAA not only does general anesthesia, but regional anesthesia to numb pain over a certain part of the body during surgery. Their physicians are also trained in pediatric anesthesia when children need surgery. For women who are about to give birth, CAA physicians can also give obstetric anesthesia to make labor less painful. For cardiac patients, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association can perform cardiovascular and thoracic anesthesia during heart surgery.


CAA does more than just provide anesthesia services. The company is deeply involved in the community, aiding many charitable organizations. These include the Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, Partnerships for Children, and Operation Smile.  Check on

Fantastic John Holt

At the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, John Holt shined by using his expertise to discuss all types of issues as a member of the panel. The conference was in New Orleans on November 7, 2016. Banking leaders, consultants and advisors made up the panel.

Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” was the topic that was discussed at the conference. John Holt was able make some impressive suggestions and give his input about the issues. With all that he knows, it was a positive experience for all of them people that were there.

John Holt is the CEO and the President of NetBank. NetBank deals with mortgage services, commercial banking and institutional services. Being a member of the FDIC, NetBank is respected across the nation, and they have a great client base that consists of a number of corporations.

In the future, they intend to increase their client base and position in their industry. With all the knowledge, experience and dedicated of the members of their staff, they will surely do well in the future. They are highly recommended to others by their clients, and they are respected for the results that they are able to produce.


Never Any Harsh SLS Or SLES In Healthy, Conditioning WEN No Lather Shampoos

These days, it really pays to know what are in in the beauty products you’re applying to your hair and face. Most of us don’t bother checking the bottles of our shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. We just assume that these common drugstore brands are watching out for us and selling decent formulas that repair any damage our tresses might have.

Unfortunately, we should all be doing a little beauty homework, because most of these big lathering shampoos are full of chemicals. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are too of the harsher agents that find their way into your shampoos. If you think about it, sulfates are also put into household cleaning products like liquid laundry detergent and dish soap.

Now, after that, would you like these SLS and SLES chemicals blended into the hair care products that you use daily?

Chaz Dean says most of us would not, and he should know. The famous west coast stylist is the creator of WEN hair care products, the no lather shampoo that’s loved around the world. Sure, there are many no-poo imitators, but Chaz Dean remains the true pioneer of healthy, alternative hair cleansing and conditioning.

You will never find SLS or SLES chemicals in a bottle of WEN hair. Chaz Dean launched his amazing hair care line with an holistic approach, bringing ingredients found in nature to strengthen and beautify hair.

WEN’s popular Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a five-in-one formula that takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner. This rich formula leaves hair of any type and texture in a smooth, soft, shiny state.

You don’t need sulfates to cleanse and moisturize your hair, because these cheap chemicals can’t do the job.

Try WEN and decide for yourself.
To learn more about the Wen hair, visit the product’s social pages on Facebook and Twitter.
View the Wen company profile here:


All You Should Know About OSI Group

These days, it is not just enough to offer quality items so as to pick up the trust of people in general. It is essential for organizations to show responsibility to be able to satisfy everybody included: Consumers, representatives and the groups they work together.

Since it opened in 1909, OSI has been devoted to conveying quality in a skillful way by streamlining forms and advancing expenses. OSI Group’s fundamental purpose of the center has been to help its clients make the greatest progress in their particular fields. Working as a family and continually remaining in contact with the neighborhood groups that cultivate it, OSI gives its client brands front line nourishment services at affordable costs. In spite of its vast size, OSI Group’s many accomplices have solid roots in their groups. The outcome is a relationship of trust that is helpful to whole groups of individuals.

Read more: Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Notwithstanding its close association with neighborhood groups, OSI Group works as an incomprehensible global system. It empowers it to give a worldwide inventory network of various items that are fit for fulfilling diverse markets. Very versatile keeping in mind the end goal to address issues, its creation is taken care of by a worldwide system. Each system adjusts to the nearby request. Spread through the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the OSI global system has more than 60 institutions offices around the globe. That incorporates the capacity to make and fabricate custom items that meet exact particulars with a specific end goal to get the best outcomes.

As a piece of OSI Group’s administration, meeting and direction for the plan of assembling and store network arrangements are given. They work with the clients to make answers for any food related test. They make use of innovation in their business. Having built up a broad scope of procedures that permit the making of a different quality of items, OSI is fit for appearing any food services to their clients. Also, new methods can be created to accomplish a particular and exciting outcome.

Learn more about OSI Group at