Chris Burch on Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch says that technology and fashion go hand in hand. Chris says that over time, both technology and fashion has grown after been subjected to change. Technology has advanced to be more fashionable while fashion has become more technological fashionable. Both aspects rely on each other, and one cannot do in the absence of the other. Technically, technology has been the pillar of fashion and fashion has been the central pillar of any technological advancement.

Years back, boom box used to be the gadget everybody wished to carry around. After a decade, more portable devices have been invented as people thought it fashionable to carry small and attracting devices. The fashion trends lead to rapid technological advancement. In the current world where fashion is the center stage, designers are integrating various technologies to come up with unique styles that please buyers’ eyes. Without technology, this would be hard. It requires one to use complicated user interface systems to come up with a framework that depicts the design in the real world.

Fashion and technology synthesis makes the impossible be possible. For instance, by use of technology, Anouk Wipprecht has successfully developed a drink-making dress and a self-painting dress. She says that technology to her is like a playground which if you sink deep, it provides adverse possibilities one cannot think can exist in real life. Technology has been used by other fashion designers such as Ashwin and Cannon, who devised protective wear for firefighters in the form of gloves that cannot catch fire.

With the use of technology, designers such as SegraSegra have recycled waste materials to come up with stylish designs. SegraSegra made jackets out of old bicycle tubes a move that left many wondering. Later, Soledad Martin came up with an invention that would see watches, pads, and mobile phones use kinetic and static energy to operate. This would see energy conservation level rise with the continued use of the gadgets.

For technology to be accepted, it needs assistance from fashion. New technology has to be seen as trendy to be accepted by the majority. Once this is achieved, technology then can advance independently. Technology depends on fashion. For instance, Google glass became popular after Diane Von, who is a top designer, asked his models to wear the glasses when modeling. It looked classy, and most people started wearing them.

Chris Burch is the founder and the president of Burch Creative Capital whose primary goal is to support the upcoming talents venture into various niches. Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur, a businessman, and an inventor with the aim of colonizing new markets with brands that give customer value and positive impact to the people’s lives.

Christopher Burch has over 40 years’ experience in the field and provides real insights and advice for prospect entrepreneurs. Chris Burch has major investments in other different companies, a move he says is for financial security.

College Football Betting: Expect Anything

When it comes to placing bets, there are a lot of people that shy away from it for a number of reasons. While I’m not here to judge them or criticize them, I do think sometimes in life you have to take a risk. No one said it was a bad risk. In reality, all things in life are a risk to some degree. Everything in life comes with some sort of degree of risk. However, without taking a risk, there is no reward. The reward is the sweet part and when the risk and reward go hand-in-hand, wonderful things can happen for people out there, that is for sure.

In regards to College Football Odds, there is one site that will make that risk a lot less riskier and that is There is one thing that can’t be ignored on their website and that is the fact that they have actual experts on the website that know what they are talking about and know everything there is to know about College Football Odds. That is why I cannot recommend enough for bettors. Right now, they are focused on Bowl season and they have many wonderful articles on the website, which will get everyone up to speed on bowl season.

Out of all of the sports out there, I would say that college football is probably one of the hardest ones to pick. I’m not saying that to scare you away or put any fear in you. It is actually the opposite. That is what makes it so exciting and down to wire. People are still talking about the incredible Michigan/Ohio State game from a few weeks ago, which was probably the best college football game in a really long time.

It is great to watch sports, as they are, but there is something truly special about being able to watch it when you know there is something on the line. It truly puts you on the edge of your seat and there is never a moment of boredom, that is for sure. Each and every play means something, matters, and gets people excited. They don’t even get a chance to catch their breath. That is a wonderful feeling and when someone uses, they are able to experience that feeling to the fullest and without any doubts or remorse whatsoever.

Selecting A Reputable Firm For Your Online Reputation Management

Are you starting or running a business online? Do you want to make sure that your online reputation does not get tarnished by unscrupulous or malicious individuals? Maybe you have read about online reputation management and the many benefits it offers to businesses and organizations.

It’s true – online reputation management is absolutely essential for success.

Every business owner or corporate executive knows that online reputation management service is crucial in today’s business environment. Many executives, business owners and company managers realize the importance of maintaining a great reputation online.

Regardless of all the substantial benefits of communication and also advertising and marketing that the web has actually supplied, it also consists of the possibility of a simple way of defaming a company or person. This is why it is absolutely required to shield your company’s credibility in addition to recover your reputation. The option is Online Reputation Reviews management, a tested method that safeguards your organization or individual profile online.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to run an effective business without preserving a favorable reputation on the internet. When something adverse appears online regarding a business, that firm will endure devastating damage and will certainly not recoup unless they make use of the solutions provided by experienced online credibility professionals.

Reputation management professionals have great expertise in addressing issues that have the potential to tarnish a company’s image. These professionals take great steps to guard and protect their clients’ online image and enhance their credibility. They have top notch resources and reliable connections and skilled specialists who ensure the best services for their client’s unique situation.

It’s appealing to want to assault or confront the source of negative press or hide and not let any person ask you about the matter. That’s not a clever method to take care of credibility matter. Don’t allow the temper wreck your possibility to settle or deal with such matters correctly. When such issues occur, contact specialists who have experience in managing these matters and you could feel confident that every little thing will be back to normal.


UK Vintners Show Their Worth By Recommending Wines For All Occasions

It does not matter what the occasion may be there is always a reason to find the best wines to match with an event, holiday, or a fine meal. The question most people face is how to make sure we are getting the best possible wines available at the best price when we are looking for the best quality event to take place at any time of the year; a good option to undertake is to work with one of the top UK vintners to plan any event, special occasion, or meal no matter what the budget range.

Times like the Holidays are the moment when most people look to one of the top vintners in the UK to provide their expertise in choosing wines that will make any event that little bit more special.

In 2016, the UKV PLC company gave their own run down of the best wines to pair with any Christmas event, including the provision of the correct vintage to make any party flow in the perfect way. Finding and negotiating for the best possible wines as they come to maturity is the job of the best UK vintners who then bring their amazing finds to the public at any time of the year.

A major rise in UK vintners has been seen with the rise of companies and individuals looking to use wines as an investment for the future, which can include companies like Viader Vintners of Cardiff providing recommendations and storage solutions based on the needs of their clients. A growing number of investors are hoping wines will hold their price in the future and even see major increase in value when a specific vintage comes to maturity.

UK Vintners usually go through a high level of training and education to make sure they can always provide the best possible advice to their customers, who look to the likes of John Arnold of A&B Vintners to provide a personal touch of service by discussing the needs of the individual. John Arnold and his fellow vintners provide a service that brings wines from around the world to the homes of customers who believe they need high quality wines for any possible reason.

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Gooee IoT Smart Lighting Soon To Be Dominating The Retail Scene

Marketing initiatives are about to get brighter. Bright ideas are springing forth from Gooee IoT lighting and they are about to become incorporated in day to day life and new marketing initiatives. Gooee IoT lighting is about to become integrated into many new building structures catering to the modern world of consumers and the retail marketplace. Not only will consumers love this new realm of shopping but it will become easier for merchants, retailers, and vendors to reach a wider audience, sell more of their products and gain more rapid feedback on their products while spending less on marketing initiatives. How will this all be so easy?


The average consumer already shops with their smart phone or smart watch in hand to grab the best deals on what they are buying through apps that give store discounts, brand discounts, and cash rebates for products purchased at the store. Gooee IoT lighting senses light at the level of the human eye and the sockets will all be equipped with WiFi and bluetooth. This will enable to sockets to see a customer in the aisle, detect where they are in the store and send their smart phone or smart watch a coupon, offer, or rebate offer to the products right in front of them. This will bring a heightened awareness to the customer, will give them new incentives to try and buy product, and will give the vendor a quicker route to make money and get feedback from the customer.

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The Real Estate Path Taken By Todd Lubar

Aiming to continue to be a better person tomorrow than he was today, Todd Lubar came across real estate as the path for him to take to achieve this goal.

His initial step into the real estate industry occurred in 1995 as a loan originator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he developed relationships with real estate agents, financial planners and other agents.

Four years later Lubar attained an equity position with Legacy Financial Group which helped him expand his lending resources to broker loans to outside investors as well as lend as a direct mortgage bank.

In 2002 Lubar established residential development company, Legendary Properties, which smoothed the progress of purchasing, restoring, selling and turning a profit on 200 plus transactions.

Lubar grew the company’s annual income to several hundreds of millions of dollars per year, dealing with properties that ranged from single family homes to multi-family dwellings.

After having developed and built valuable relationships with key players in the real estate industry, Lubar went on to launch Charter Funding, a subsidiary of privately-held mortgage company, First Magnus Financial Corporation.

While remaining committed to the real estate business, Lubar also ventured outside that arena and owns several other firms that take in areas such as the demolition sector, automotive scrap metal recycling and nightclub industries.

Lubar is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures as well as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

With regard to his personal life, Lubar attended high school in New Jersey and Washington DC and graduated from Syracuse University. He loves Orange County, California and resides in Bethesda, Maryland as do his two children.

Securus Launches Multi-State Campaign For Their Services

Securus has released their multi-state campaign for video visitation, and each customer who has become familiar with the Securus name connects with family on a personal level. I have done so on multiple occasions, and I have lovely conversations with incarcerated friends who are most in-need of my words.


#1: Video Visitation Is Beautiful To Behold


Video visitation services connect us through the video camera on my phone, and I may see my friend who sits in jail. Securus is a new service that offers video connections just as any other video chat service would work. We speak for a few minutes, and we may hang up when ready.


#2: Securus Reaches Many Prisons


I reach several prisons through their video visitation service, and It have called several times over the same network. I see the calls come through with crystal clear fidelity, and I use the calls to ensure our family is together. I have gathered several people around for calls in the past, and I am quite excited about the prospect of bringing more people to my next video call.


#3: The Service Is Simplified For My Benefit


I use the service often as I am seeking information about my friends, and I make calls using simple steps. I have never felt confused using the Securus system, and I believe other users have had a similar experience. We are deeply indebted to Securus for providing such a lovely service, and I see my friends with a regularity that would simply not be possible in other cases.


I wish to share Securus with as many people as possible, and each new family finding the service will feel the same relief I once did. Securus video visitation and their ad campaign sets you free of the worry and stress associated with loving an inmate.

Read more at Wikipedia about Securus.

Sure Guide To Betting On College Football For Beginners

Betting is a growing industry that has gained popularity over the past one decade. More people have entered into this industry to reap the benefits that come with making the right decisions while betting against certain teams. Those who lose while betting are mostly individuals who embraced the industry without first learning how things work. To become a successful bettor, you need to first learn how things are done and get the facts right about each team before forwarding your bets.

Upcoming bettors in the current era have the privilege of access to loads of information and advice online regarding NCAAF odds. However, as much as sites can help you to become an expert at betting, you may also fall in the hands of swindlers who promise to offer training yet the information they offer is not sufficient to allow one to understand how things work. To avoid such a case, it is highly recommended that new bettors should get information from verified online portals like, which offers sure NFAAF odds and their system has been in operation for over two decades.

Manage your finances
Don’t be blinded by the great returns you are likely to earn when you bet against certain teams to place huge bets. If you are a beginner, start with small amounts that you may not feel uncomfortable losing then continue upwards increasing to attain the level where you can comfortably invest more. Planning is a vital aspect of betting that every bettor should learn. Most experts at betting know when to invest more and when to stop, so even if you have been following college football for a long time you need to learn how to navigate the industry to avoid making losses.

Consult verified sources
All the decisions you make while betting should be inspired by facts and verifiable information that can be found on leading platforms. Ensure you first understand the past performance of the team and the relationship the players have between themselves and the management. These may seem subtle details but they count a lot in betting.

About is a leading provider of factual data about teams and games that has been in the industry for more than 20 years. The site posts statistics and the performance teams have recorded and they offer real-time analyses of different matches and games. also posts bets that are verified for bettors to increase their chances of winning.

Jason Halpern: the Great Mind behind the Success of JMH Development

Mr. Halpern is an experienced real estate developer based in New York. He has extensive expertise and skill in the real estate industry as he comes from a family that owned and run a real estate company for over 50 years. Through the company, his family has built numerous residential and commercial spaces the New York state area. Mr. Halpern therefore garnered a lot of experience in the development and construction field over the years as he grew up and watched his relatives work in the field.


In 2010, Jason Halpern took over the family business, JMH Development, and is now managing partner at the firm. It is a real estate development and construction company with an excellent track record. It has undertaken many commercial and residential projects in New York. The professionals at the company are highly qualified and are well versed in all things real estate. They always strive to exceed their clients’ expectations.


JMH Development’s Excellent Work

Mr. Halpern’s experience in the industry has seen him provide excellent leadership to the company. He has helped the company secure many high-profile jobs and benefit greatly from them. His vision and creativity make his work stand out in terms of unique and excellent design and quality. Mr. Halpern also buys old buildings and either spruces them up or tears them down to put up modern buildings when he sees it fit to do so. One of his many works is the Loft South Beach, a hotel which was opened in early 2015. They creatively revamped the historic Motel Ankara and added a new tower. The rooms in the hotel are significantly larger than in other hotels. The hotel also features an outdoor pool, a fitness center and almost 2500 square feet of meeting space.


Jason Halpern is also actively involved in works of philanthropy. He is concerned about the overall wellbeing of the community at large. He donated a lot of money to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. It is adequately equipped to handle very complex emergency issues including open-heart surgery. Mr. Halpern also donates to a global non-profit charity through JMH Development. The charity collects money and finds innovative ways of providing clean and safe water for consumption and other domestic uses in Ethiopia and Nepal.



Mr. Halpern is a hardworking young man. He often works on several projects at once and thanks to his discipline, he is able to allocate the time needed to each of the projects and does not neglect any. They all turn out excellent; this is not a feat many can accomplish. He has a knack for quality development and construction and truly enjoys what he does. Jason Halpern has set the bar high for other players in the real estate industry.


John Goullet: The Architect of Diversant

John Goullet is an IT staffing expert and entrepreneur. Currently, he serves as Principal of Diversant LLC. Under his leadership, Diversant has grown to become one of the biggest IT staffing companies in the USA. John has spent almost his entire career in the IT sector. He graduated in 1983 with a master’s degree in computer science from Ursinus College. After graduating, he worked briefly as an IT consultant. He then moved into IT staffing by founding Info Technologies in 1994.

John says that he moved into IT staffing because there were low barriers to entry. He was also encouraged by the fact that other people had succeeded in the sector before. Info Technologies provided IT staffing solution to many Fortune 500 companies. This involved identifying the IT needs of the companies, then matching them with the skill of his staff and consultants. Within five years, Info Technologies was worth $30 million. The company appeared twice on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing privately owned US firms.

After spearheading the growth of Info Technologies, he merged the company with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. The company provides IT staffing services such as staff augmentation and direct hire. Besides IT staffing, Diversant supplies software products. After the merger, John was brought in as the principal. He brought experience and expertise to the company. Today, Diversant is the IT staffing provider of choice for most Fortune 500 companies. The company has experienced great expansion under his leadership. Diversant LLC. is now the biggest African-American owned company in the USA. It is also a fully certified Minority-Owned business enterprise. This certification is given to companies owned by minority groups. It allows such businesses to compete for federal contracts on a level ground.

What is behind John Goullet’s success? He cites building mutual relationships with clients, and the spirit of always aiming for more. Goullet believes that for an entrepreneur to be successful, relationships with customers should be built upon honesty and hard work. Some startups enjoy short success, after which they collapse. John Goullet says that staff empowerment can secure long-term success. He often spends time molding his staff to become future leaders. When he is not at work, John spends time in the gym or with his family.

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