Magnises is the Members Only Brand

Is it fair to say that Magnises is now called the “members only brand?” According to The Guardian, It is indeed, and Billy McFarland did a great job creating Magnises to do this. At the age of just 23, Billy McFarland decided that it was time to create a membership only platform that would bring working millennials together socially and ultimately professionally as well.

This is just one of the many reasons why this “black card” is so hot right now in New York City. The card offers “perks” that are outstanding as rated by the millennials, giving them discounts at most of the hot spots and trendy restaurants within NYC.

Young professionals will no longer have to rely on credit cards like American Express to show them an entertaining life, because now they have the “black card” from Magnises. Members can choose to link their new membership card to a debit card or the credit card of their choosing.

Brands like Tesla want to get connected with Magnises, and begin partnering with them on making the card better and offering more discounts for everything.

Young professionals will also be able to get access to private meeting rooms for their events, whether business or social, and they can also make good use of the concierge mobile app to get access to the benefits that are a part of what Magnises has to offer.

Text messages can be sent out to gather information for the evening according to the member’s preferences. That is just amazing.

The benefits just get better for Magnises members when complimentary champaigne comes to the table, or better yet, members also receive a complimentary dish while dining at an exclusive restaurant.

The membership is fully active in NYC, San Fransisco, and Washington D.C., but Magnises is preparing to expand. The goal is to reach young professionals from all backgrounds, and the monthly membership fee can now be paid monthly at $25 per month.

Magnises is growing, and the benefits are growing. There isn’t much left to the imagination about what Magnises can offer. There is so much to enjoy with the Magnise’s membership.

Securus Technologies Moving Forward

Securus Technologies is working hard to transform the overall experience of prisoners across North America. They understand that one of the greatest tragedies in life is to be locked up. Securus Technologies specializes in providing innovative solutions to the needs of staff and inmates in local prisons. One of Securus Technologies’ most effective innovations was the automated complaint report form. The automated complaint report form allows prisoners to register their problems with staff in much less time than it used to take. Staff are then able to view and test it, making sure that it passes the bars of reputability.


Before, staff had to fill out time consuming paper forms if there was an issue that a prisoner had with their experience. This often resulted in wasted efficiencies and prisoners going unrepresented. Securus Technologies is working to make the life of families and those incarcerated much more enjoyable. Securus Technologies offers video chat and phone services, so that families do not have to worry about standing in lines for hours to see their loved one. The goal is to make everyone more satisfied. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they are glad to be serving more and more people in the vast criminal justice system of the United States.


Patents have been secured that will enable the company to grow and prosper, providing the utmost quality to all of its customers. Staff in prisons throughout North America trust Securus Technologies to provide technological improvements on time and under budget. If you, or your local corrections institution wants to inquire further about Securus Technologies and what they can do for your prison, make sure to contact them by calling 972-734-1111.


Chaz Dean’s Effort In Making WEN Cleansing Conditioners Translates To Flawless Hair

Chaz Dean created WEN cleansing conditioners a while back, but they are still on the market today and have been improved over time. Chaz Dean is a noted hairstylist working on the west coast with many celebrities, so its fair to say he knows a thing or two about hair care. The product has had a great deal of positive reviews and success stories as well. Bustle Magazine released a review from one of their writers, Emily McClure, about WEN cleansing conditioners, and how they ultimately hold up. Emily was skeptical and intrigued about testing the product, as she had heard many good things but many products have failed her in the past.

She decided to use less than the recommended amount with each application, which ended up doing the trick, as the product gave her amazing results. Her hair looked fuller and was full of shine, which can be seen in her pictures she published with the review.

Chaz Dean spent a lot of time putting together a list of ingredients that were compatible and capable of providing the hair and scalp with a deep clean without stripping it. He succeeded in the end by creating an all natural product free of cleaning chemicals that highly nourishes the hair and works for all women. Within the comfort of home, women can now by WEN at $40 dollars or less and maintain beautiful hair every day throughout the entire year. Wen products are available exclusively on Sephora cosmetics stores and can also be purchased online thru Guthy-Renker. WEN is also gentle enough to be used frequently along with other hair styling products, as long as they are chemically free as well. To learn more, visit the WEN Facebook page and YouTube channel.

A Bank In Dallas Is Helping Build Homes For Residents

Residents of the Dallas area are very interested in making sure that they can live in better communities, and many of them are turning to Dallas Neighborhood Homes for help. Nexbank has been made the partner for this project, and I actually live really close to where they plan on building some of these homes. These homes will be perfect for someone who wants to get their family out of a bad area, and they also need to be sure and find out what is possible when they are getting funding from a local bank. I actually bank at Nexbank as of now, and I know that they can help people with more things than just their bank accounts.

The Nexbank partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes is something that people have been waiting for because they are living in projects and other communities that are not fit for them at all. I have seen these people struggling to keep their communities together, and I know that they will be much better off if they are no longer in a bad place. This makes life better for their kids, and it helps them move closer to people like my neighbors.

We know that having them in our neighborhood makes us all better, and can help them raise their children and change their lives. I want to be a part of something good and right, and I believe that I have found that in the people who are at Nexbank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes. They have created the best situation for everyone as they build needed homes for needy families.

Brown Modeling Agency Taking Over Texas

In the trendy city of Austin Texas, things just got a little trendier. The Brown Modeling Agency has made its debut in the Capital city to help the hidden talents in the state of Texas shine. Located in the center of Texas, Austin was chosen not just for its location but for its unique rocker, sporty look and popular music scene. With there being so many talented designers in Austin, this modeling agency is the perfect way to showcase their work. To introduce the Brown Modeling Agency to Austin, they used the work from the talented and popular Austin designer Linda Asaf for a fashion show.

Linda put her Summer Frost collection together in only two weeks, just in time for the show. This collection is full of neutrals, whites, and light silvers mixed with spring ready outfits, doing the collections name justice. Her favorite piece, of course, is the finale piece. This evening gown is made out of grey lace and makes everyone go crazy for it. Linda always knew it was only a matter of time before Austin’s fashion scene took off. With the Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, the fashion scene is only going to keep getting better.

Starting out as Wilhelmina Austin, the agency bought Heyman Talent-South and became Brown Modeling Agency. With this change, the Brown Modeling Agency is now a full-service talent agency. There are only a few others in Texas for Brown Modeling Agency to compete with. Being a full-service talent agency, they not only have opportunities for all types of modeling jobs, but TV, commercial, and movie opportunities for talent in Austin as well. This means clients can get a greater portfolio and the talent has greater opportunities.

This talent and modeling agency has become a respected agency in Texas. They offer their talent the opportunity to work with some of the most well known designers such as Louis Vuitton and L’Orel. There are numerous other designers and companies you can get the chance to work with, being talent at this agency. You will often see the models of this agency at Austin, Dallas, and New York fashion weeks. Brown Modeling Agency allows for the opportunity of all types of people to become talent with them. You do not have to be tall and skinny in order to work with them. You just have to find where the right client.

Being such a large state, it makes sense to also have such a large modeling and talent agency right in the center of Texas. Texans can now have a reliable place to go to make their dreams of modeling or acting come true. It’s safe to say Brown modeling agency is truly making Texas an even better place to live.

Lovaganza Cultures from Around the Globe

Lovaganza is a panoramic, fully immersive multicultural experience, hoping to educate and increase tolerance for different cultures. Their goal is to help people find out what “unites us and makes us unique.” Lovaganza is not set to start until 2020, but there are traveling shows to give you a snippet of what’s to come. You can experience the amazing technology of Immerscope with 180 degree wrap around screens and 3-D glasses of Lovaganza. The traveling show will give the patrons a chance to explore the world with an exhibit “Walk Around the World.” Every culture from each continent is represented through the different films, animations, and exhibits.

The main show will take place from September to May 2020 in different flagship locations around the global on Tumblr. It will feature ground breaking films, exhibits, animations, and other dazzling entertainment from different cultures around the globe. The theme of the experience is “Embark on a Bohemian Adventure.” There will be three main shows: 2020 for Unity, 2025 for Peace, and 2030 for Abundance. The finale show will take place in 2040. Each show will bring with it its own unique experience and brilliance.

The cutting edge technology on of Immerscope allows the patrons to be fully immersed in the experience of the show, feeling like they are right there. The 180 degree wrap around screens with 3D glasses bring this brilliant and beautiful movies to life.

Lovaganza is the entertainment company that is gearing up for the main festival in 2020. Lovaganza Foundation is the non-profit that benefits from the proceeds of the festival. The Foundation works to spread their humanitarian efforts around the world. The company went around the world to film these beautiful and exotic movies to educate people about the different cultures of the world. Their goal is to unite the world through education. Lovaganza sets to start in 2020 to bring the ultimate cultural experience from around the globe.

Why Profitability Doesn’t Matter: Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall

Bothell-based biotech company Seattle Genetics recently announced it’s largest funding initiative. Increasing their public stock offering from $480 million to $552 million, the company made this move after noticing a peak in interest from investors. CEO Clay Siegall said that the money will be primarily used to expand their workforce, projecting the addition of 100 new employees per year for the next five years; this would bring their headcount up to 1300 employees.

Additionally, the funding would be used to continue development of their drug pipeline, and for expanding research and access to their flagship cancer medication Adccetris. When asked about the financial losses Seattle Genetics has reported, Siegall said that profitability is not the company’s main concern. “Seattle Genetics could be profitable today,” he said, “but putting profitability first is counterproductive, since we are still a growing company.”

Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, after spending six years with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. With Siegall’s help, the company has focused their cancer research on using antibody therapies to combat the causes and horrible symptoms cancer patients often have to live through. So far, the flagship drug Adcetris has been used to treat 15,000 lymphoma patients worldwide.

Clay Siegall’s original idea for Adcetris was to take traditional cytotoxic therapy, or chemotherapy, and using a targeted antibody delivery system. Siegall has said that the reason this delivery system is so important is because it specifically targets cancer cells, rather than flushing the system with the poisons used in traditional chemotherapy. His hope is that the future of fighting against cancer doesn’t require making a patient worse, before it can make them better.

Tarallucci e Vino Has a Great Atmosphere for Private Events

As one of New York’s premiere event locations, Tarallucci e Vino has worked hard to earn the reputation that they have. They have catered to many different people and are able to host many different events no matter what it is. With their modern Italian fusion, expert chefs, intimate environment and convenient location, they are the quintessential event destination in New York City and have been able to prove themselves time and again as one of the best who hosts many different clients from different areas of life and for different types of events in NYC.

While there is nothing new about Italian cuisine, Tarallucci e Vino has worked to make things new. The base for the majority of the dishes at the event location is Italian but the chefs put unique spins on each and everything that they make. The various chefs have various flourishes that they add to make things more modern on the Italian-themed menu. They are skilled at what they do and make sure that they are able to cater to all of their clients. The food is comfort-food at its best and something that many people have never gotten the chance to experience in their life.

The Tarallucci e Vino private event locations keep with the 5-star restaurant theme. They want their guests to make sure that they feel like they are in a 5-star restaurant no matter what type of event they are at. For this reason, the chefs have come from around the world to staff these popular event locations. They are experts at what they do and they are confident in the abilities that they have to make the best fusion food possible.

Each of the locations have different options for events depending on the number of guests who are coming to the event. This is something that Tarallucci e Vino has made sure to do at all of the locations. They want events of many different sizes to be able to fit into the spaces that they are providing. They have done an excellent job at creating a distinct atmosphere in each of their locations with the bulk of the spaces having a cozy and intimate feel to them in keeping with the Italian theme.

All of the event spaces are at convenient locations but, perhaps, one of the most convenient locations is the Union Square event space. They have two different options for events. One of the spots can accommodate parties of up to 30 people while the other can accommodate up to 120 people. These spaces are vastly different but are still recognizable with the Tarallucci e Vino brand. The spaces are able to accommodate many different private parties. They are intimate, bathed in neutral tones and comfortable for guests to sit back, relax, enjoy the company and have a glass of vino.