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16/08/2011 · 1. When Ford developed the 351W engine and tried the 289/302 firing order the 351 block's 1 main didn't like the loading so they changed the order. 2. The "new" firing order was used in the HO 5.0 because either a. The best small block performance cam Ford had at the time was a 351W cam with the "new" order or b. The early 351W s firing order is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8, while the smaller Windsor engine s firing order is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. What makes this interesting is that 289/302 cams are completely interchangeable with 351W cams, providing you match the firing order to the camshaft. 12/04/2015 · 351w plug wiring - firing order help please. Hello. And that the rotor is set to point to the correct plug wire.The order is determined by the camshaft, so a 351 could have a 289/302 firing order. Quote Quick Reply. post 3 of 7 Old 04-03-2015, 11:07 PM. 1979 Ford F150 custom, 302, C4, AC, tilt wheel, main transportation. 17/06/2004 · Why did ford change the firing order for H.O. and 351 W motors? Thread starter Great68; Start date Jun 13, 2004; Forums. One of the Ford orders, Windsor/HO, I think, is identical to the SBC order. Dave. Since Ford determined that the firing order should be modified in 1969 with the introduction of the 351W. The 351 also has a firing order of 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 as opposed to the standard 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 Ford V-8 engines. The 351 was produced from 1969 until 2001, but complete engines can still be purchased. Engine timing is accomplished in the same manner as any Ford V-8 engine.

The 'Racing Boss 351' not to be confused with the Ford 335 engine Cleveland-based Boss 351 is a crate engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts. The block was based on the 351 cu in 5,752 cc Ford Windsor engine, but uses Cleveland sized 2.75 in 70 mm main bearing journals. Deck height choices include 9.2 in 234 mm and 9.5 in 241 mm. 09/02/2017 · Figured I'd post this here to YouTube to get some help from anyone who might know which rotor to order for my distributor since I have no clue which one the. Skip navigation Sign in. Ford 351 Windsor Distributor help! The Mechanical Koopa. Ford E150 351 V8 stutter stall issue.wmv - Duration: 8:25. Rand Bradbury 158,585. The 351 Windsor was in a league of its own because of its heightened deck block, larger connecting rods and much “beefier” main bearing caps. It also had a very distinct firing order that was nothing similar to the standard Ford V8 firing order of 15426378. 26/09/2009 · The story I heard a long time ago was that when ford developed the 351W and used the old 221/260/289/302 firing order the the 351's 1 main bearing didn't like it, cylinders 1 & 5 and then shortly after 2 & 6 firing one right after another. so they changed the firing order. Ford offered two versions of the 351 engine, a Windsor 351 and a Cleveland 351. The Windsor motor is considered a small block. The Cleveland 351 is between a small block and a big block. Even though the Cleveland 351 came from the small block family, few parts will interchange. The heads on the 351 4 barrel engine were very similar to the Boss.

firing order for all ford mustang from 1964-1973 from 6 cylinder to small and big block v8. The Racer's Company. Since the 1960s, Lunati has manufactured engine components of the highest quality using cutting-edge technology. Every single product we sell undergoes extensive testing and analysis to ensure the end result is a superior product that can withstand demanding race conditions.

This specific photograph 351 Windsor Ignition Wiring Diagram Ford Distributor Wiring with 1969 351W Firing Order Diagram preceding will be branded together with: Submitted through Programs10 Team in February, 22 2016. 24/08/2004 · Late model 302 HO's and 351W run the 13726548 firing order. Installing EFI on the 15426378 firing order is possible, but does not yield the same results as the late model HO firing order. When you mix, match these firing orders you may encounter. What is the firing order for a 351 windsor and which is the 1 cylinder?. worse at warm up dies when put in gear. have installed new distr.,plugs,wires,timing set 351 windsor firing order. Hello working on a 1976 ford elite 351 windsor motor the problem is after a preventive maintiance tune up which included 8 autolite spark.

Here is the order to adjust your valves on a Ford 302 HO and 351W. This gives the order of each valve adjustment. 06/04/2019 · Figured I'd cold start the old 69 Torino clone been tinkering again it's Gotta bad head gasket but still firing up and running okay. Cold start 351 Windsor with 302 firing order Rusty Stuff. Loading. Unsubscribe from Rusty Stuff?. 1985 Ford 351 Windsor 9°F old/cold start - Duration: 6:19. Joseph Hartmann 12,381 views. The Ford 351W was an engine developed by the Ford Motor Company. Many of the 351W engines were produced in the Ford factory located in Windsor, Canada. Ford began manufacturing the engines in 1969 and continued using the engine in Ford vehicles until 1995. The Ford 351W was used in a variety of vehicles, from the. 29/06/2018 · In this video you'll find me checking the ignition timing on a 1988 Ford F150. Engine size is a 5.8 liter. Specification is 10 degrees. The state of California allows plus or minus 3 degrees. At the end I do show how to adjust the timing if needed. Should be the same for the 1988-1991 5.8 / 5.0 Windsor motors in the 8th generation.

23/10/2018 · AFAIK for a 302 Windsor, it should be 15426378 unless it's a 1982 or later 302 HO which uses the 351W firing order of 13726548. This is taken from info. in the US Ford Racing catalogue, but as far as I know Aussie motors fired the same didn't they except recent EFI models maybe. Ford enthusiasts have long called the 221, 260, 289, and 302-ci engines “Windsor” V-8s. However, the only true “Windsor” engine is the 351-ci raised-deck small-block Ford intro-duced in 1969 as a response to the cubicinch race going on in Detroit. Firing order on distributer for 1969 Ford Fairlane. 351 Windsor. Ford Mechanic:. We tried that firing order - no way that must of been for a 289 or something. There was no way we were off that much. We changed it according to the manifold and it seems to be firing correctly. 20/07/2008 · The car I just picked up has a 351 Windsor but with the 289/302 15426378 firing order. The car I just picked up has a 351 Windsor but with the 289/302 15426378 firing order. I've heard of 302's with 351 cams but never a 351 with a 302 cam. A forum community dedicated to Ford performance owners and enthusiasts. This led to the 351 having a firing order of 13726548. No changes were required to any major engine components other than the camshaft. As a side note, in 1969, there was no such thing as a 351W, for Windsor, Ontario. There was only "the" 351, the only 351.

  1. 30/05/2011 · 1969 351W - Messed up firing order I am just getting to know a '69 Mach 1 that I bought ove the winter. The car was running pretty crappy rough acceleration, vibration, stalling at WOT so I decided to do a complete ignition tuneup plugs, wires, cap, rotor, Pertronix Ignitor upgrade and coil.
  2. FordWindsor > FordWindsor > The Ford Windsor Small Block Engine Family > 1969 351 firing order? Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 5 posts 1969 351 firing order? Graham McDowell. Graham McDowell. Post Jan 19, 2004 1 2004-01-19T23:44. i was wondering if anyone can tell me the firing order for the 1969 351 windsor.
  3. 31/03/2012 · From what I've read on the interweb the reason Ford changed the firing sequence for the 351W's was because the Ford engineers reckoned the new firing order put less stress on the bottom end. For what it's worth my 351 ran perfectly with the 302 cam in until the day I sold it 5 years later.

08/08/2003 · Small Block V8 221, 260, 289, 5.0/302, 5.8/351W - firing order 1982 351w - i just got this truck and i am not too familial with this motor. I believe it is a 351w calif. model. my problem is I am not sure of the firing order. I am looking in a hayes manual and it states that the order is counterclockwise. Firing order. Around 1985~1986, Ford changed the 302 to the 351W firing order, so it's important when changing camshafts to know the right firing order for the engine. The FO for the 302 HO was actually changed a bit earlier. Around 1982 would be more accurate. Another thing you need to consider is that the firing order only changed on HO engines! The Ford 351M engine is a part of Ford's 335-series family of engines. The M was used to differentiate the engine from the previous 351 engines. The 351M is a sharp break form the other 351 engines because it is more similar to the Ford 400 engine. The last traditional 351 year was 1974; Ford. Here is the firing order for the 351C Cleveland, 351M Michigan and 400M engines. These lumps of iron are a completely different block then the standard SBF 289, 302, 351W engines. The cylinder heads have canted valves like the Big Block Chevy. The 351 Windsor engine is an 8 cylinder, 90 degree, overhead valves OHV engine. It was introduced in 1969, and got its name from the Windsor Canada location of the Ford assembly plant that built them. There were two versions introduced in 1969, the 250 hp 2 barrel engine and the 290 hp 4 barrel version.

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