Ryan Seacrest Brings American Idol to ABC

Ryan Seacrest first made it big nationally when he appeared as the co-host for American Idol on Fox in 2002. The following year, he would take over as the sole host of the show, and when the show hit its stride, Ryan Seacrest became a household name. Now, with American Idol appearing on ABC for its first season in spring of 2018, Seacrest returns to the show that introduced him to the world.

Seacrest is more than just his role on American Idol; he is a successful entrepreneur and a passionate philanthropist. Listeners can catch his voice as the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest on iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KISS-FM, a nationally syndicated Top 40 radio show. He is also co-host and executive producer of the morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan, where he has co-hosted since May of last year. Seacrest is also the head of Ryan Seacrest Productions, which produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians and E! Live from the Red Carpet, and NBC’s Shades of Blue¸ among other notable productions.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction, an exclusive menswear line at Macy’s offers buyers a wide range of products, including tailored clothing, pants, sweaters, accessories, and more. The line even makes use of Style Made Smart™ to offer style tips for buyers. His skincare line, Polished by Dr. Lancer, is the product of a partnership with esteemed dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. The line is made specifically for men to provide confidence and youthfulness to its buyers.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is focused on youth outreach and has opened ten broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals throughout the United States. The Seacrest Studios, as they are called, help patients to gain experience working with radio, television, and new media to help those children and parents heal through during their time in hospital. The foundation also coordinates celebrity appearances at hospitals; most recently, Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers spent Independence Day at Children’s National, enjoying the fireworks and leading a dance party with the patients. Seacrest leaves his mark wherever he goes.

Seacrest’s Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

Guilherme Paulus: The Moment He Became A Billionaire

The Forbes Magazine recently declared Guilherme Paulus as the newest billionaire on their list. He will be joining other billionaires from around the world to be featured in the business magazine’s particular issue.

Guilherme Paulus have never dreamed of becoming a billionaire someday, but he managed to become one thanks to the continuous support of the public in his businesses which are related to the tourism industry. Upon hearing that he has already earned a net worth amounting to $1 billion, Forbes magazine started contacting him, informing him that they will be verifying the information and see if he could be included in the list of billionaires for the 2018 issue.

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Guilherme Paulus started his career in the business world as an intern for IBM. He entered the company before he reached 20 years old, and he studied their strategies on how to build a performing and competitive company. When he was 24 years old, he thought of establishing his own business, wanting to apply what he learned from IBM and transforming his business into the leading tour operator services firm in the country. He had to look for a business partner, and a Brazilian politician has expressed his interest in joining Guilherme Paulus and helping him manage the business that he planned. Soon, their business was established, but four years after it was founded, the Brazilian politician left. He became the sole owner of the business, but it never stopped him from improving the products and services offered by his tour operator services firm.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus decided to venture into another business, this time building resorts and hotels near airports and seaports to cater to the influx of tourists. Currently, the GJP Hotels and Resorts have 15 branches all across the country, and he is managing all of them. He wanted to make sure that the guests of his resort and hotel chains are taken care of, providing them with world-class services. He is confident that more people will be visiting the country shortly, and he stated that he is now preparing for the increasing number of tourists in Brazil by building more properties that would accommodate them.

Source: http://www.revistahoteis.com.br/guilherme-paulus-abriu-grade-de-palestra-do-top-seller-events-2017/

Meet Fortress Investment’s Force of Innovation—Wes Edens

Meet Fortress Investment’s Force of Innovation—Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a co-founder and the Chairman of Fortress Investment Group. The prosperous entrepreneur is also the owner of Milwaukee Bucks and a partner at the National Basketball Association franchise located in Wisconsin. Because of his commitment to steer development in Fortress Investment, the co-founder has become increasingly famous as the company experienced growth each year.

Wes Edens’ career at Fortress Investment

After years of turmoil with different with several development companies like Infrastructure Investors LLC and BlackRock Investors, Edens took a turn in 1998 to co-found Fortress Investment Group with other partners including Peter Briger, Michael Edward, Robert Kauffman, and Nardone Randal. He has since then been praised for the remarkable investment strategies that the company has shown since its establishment. The founders knew that many Americans require investment advisory services, and so they decided to expand the company across America. To keep their customer base, Edens and his team ensure that consumers’ needs are met and the employees and paid satisfactorily to foster productivity.

Achievement of the company

Under the leadership of Wes Edens as the company Chairman, Fortress Investment Group has witnessed tremendous growth. In 2007, the company became the first private investment company to trade publicly in the world through initial public offering (IPO). Since then it has become the leading company that majors in the alternative asset management. In 2009, the company sold its 8% share to the public at the cost of $600 million in which several assets like traded investment vehicles and private equity were sold. Nomura Holdings had also acquired 15% share of the company for about $888 million. Because of this purchase as well as the previous ones, Edens and the other founders became mega billionaires. Mr. Edens has held several operations which resulted in the company’s growth including the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services. In 2017, the Japanese Softbank Group Corporation purchased part of Fortress at $140 million because of the company’s high stock prices.

About Wes Edens

Edens graduated from the Oregon State University in 1984 with a degree in Business Administration and Finance. After his studies, he joined the Lehman Brothers where he served the company up to 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Investors where he became the Managing Director and oversaw all roles in the investment department. Because of his dedication and hard work, Wes Edens continues to make remarkable progress in the investment world.

Jason Hope Believes A Merger Between The Internet Of Things And The Blockchain Will Be A Good Thing

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist, is an expert in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), and he is also interested in blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is now valued at more than $100 billion, but companies like JP Morgan Chase & Co are having a hard time accepting the reality of this new kind of currency. They aren’t the only one who is doubting cryptocurrency, but there are also plenty of people and companies that believe that it will be the future of our financial world.

Jason Hope has watched as the IoT gets lumped into the same category as cryptocurrencies have and is baffled by it. The IoT has to do with everyday objects, items, or anything really that is connected to the internet. A spy cam that is operated from afar, a juicer that can start making juice as soon as you push a button on your phone, or a semi-truck that is guided by sensors are all examples of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope is excited by the technology and believes that it will change the world for the better. He has been advocating for the IoT for quite some time but is also highly aware of the fact that there will also be some new security challenges that come with it.

Jason Hope has commented about the fact that security in many IoT devices is not very great, and he is hoping for some stronger security measures in the future. One of the ways that a greater form of security for the IoT may happen is through blockchain technology. It has done wonders in the world of cryptocurrency, and experts are now looking to it as a possible answer for the IoT. Some feel that a joining of the two could create something truly incorruptible, but others are not convinced. Hope believes their minds will change soon enough when they realize the potential of a merger between the two.

Jason Hope studied at Arizona State University where he earned a degree in Finance. He has donated large sums of money to causes that he finds worthy and serves the youth as a mentor who helps them to create businesses out of their ideas.


Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Wes Edens: Financial Services Industry Veteran

Experienced financial services professional Wes Edens is one of the co-founders New York based private equity firm Fortress Investment Group. A very successful businessman with diversified interests, Edens is also co-owner of the National Basketball Association franchise the Milwaukee Bucks. A 1984 graduate of Oregon State University, Wes Edens has a bachelors degree in business administration and finance. Lehman Brothers gave him an opportunity to get started in the financial services industry when they hired him in 1987. By the time he left the company in 1993, Edens was a managing director and partner.  The American businessman’s next move in his budding financial services career was to join BlackRock Asset Investors, the private equity division of BlackRock. From the beginning of his four year tenure there, Edens was a partner as well as a managing director.

In 1997 Wes Edens left BlackRock. A few months later, he got together with Randall Nardone and Robert Kauffman and created Fortress Investment Group.When Edens and his team held an initial public offering in 2007, Fortress Investment Group was the first buyout firm to be publicly traded. An article published in The Wall Street Journal early in 2007 described the investment style of Wes Edens as creative financing, a knack for using investments to build business, combined with contrarian bets. At that point the assets the company had under management included private equity as well as two real estate vehicles, four hedge funds, 14 private equity fund and other vehicles that are publicly traded alternative investments.

Edens has been a billionaire since 2006, when Nomura Holdings, a Japanese financial holding company, paid $888 million for 15% of Fortress investment Group. The exceptional leadership skills of Wes Edens became crucial during the subprime mortgage crisis that resulted in the stock price of Fortress Group falling to under one dollar. In 2009, Edens became the Fortress board co-chairman and encouraged purchasing an 80% interest in Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime mortgage lender. Springleaf’s value rocketed to $3.5 billion by 2015, that’s over 27 times the original investment of Fortress Investment Group. The company was back because of Wes Eden’s vision.Edens, who has 4 children with his wife Lynn, is also the owner of eSports team FlyQuest. It competes in the professional video gaming championship series called League of Legends. In his free time Wes Edens enjoys mountain climbing, horse jumping and several other hobbies.

Ryan Seacrest: The Next Dick Clark

Over the course of an illustrious 25-year career in radio and Television, Ryan Seacrest has gone from working late shifts at his local radio station, to becoming one of the most recognizable TV personalities since Dick Clark.

In 2002, a decade after his career in Television began, Ryan Seacrest accepted a co-hosting position for a new Fox reality show, alongside comedian Brian Dunkleman. A year later, Ryan became the sole host of the show, to an audience of over 26 million people a week. That show was American Idol.

After two majorly successful seasons of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was sought after as the newest name in TV and radio hosting. In February 2004, he took the helm of a popular daytime Los Angeles radio show, renamed On Air With Ryan Seacrest. His show would go on to become a #1 nationally syndicated Los Angeles radio show that still airs today.

By 2009, Ryan Seacrest was at the top of his game. He renewed his American Idol contract for $45 million, making him the highest paid TV host at the time. Combined with the profits from his successful company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Ryan Seacrest had made over a hundred million dollars in just seven years. Deciding again to diversify his portfolio, Ryan reinvested his extensive income into personal enterprise and philanthropy.

His menswear line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, and his skin care collection, Polished by Dr. Lancer, found success being advertised on the national stage of American Idol, and through various Ryan Seacrest Productions projects. Other advertising highlights to note are Ryan’s long-time affiliation with Ford and Coca-Cola. Ryan’s charity, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, has opened 10 broadcast media stations, Seacrest Studios, in efforts to bolster support for pediatric hospitals nationwide.

Ryan’s career continues on strong, still running his successful radio show, and hosting two hit ABC shows, American Idol for its first season on ABC, and Live with Kelly and Ryan, alongside Kelly Rippa. With decades of experience in numerous positions in the industry, Ryan Seacrest has earned his place in TV, radio, and pop culture history.

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Teenager Milan Kordestani Makes His Mark In Equestrian And Farming

Stanford, California born Milan Kordestani is a talented teenager with diverse interests. He has drawn attention for his amazing skill in equestrian and used the income and platform it generated to found Milan Farms and write about agriculture, health and a variety of other topics. While most other teens are just beginning to focus on making a career choice, Milan Kordestani has already made significant progress as a medal winning equestrian, CEO of an organic farming operation and a published author whose articles have appeared in several well-known publications.

The people around Milan Kordestani knew by age 10 he was a special talent. By then he had attended Phillips Brooks Elementary school, lived in London, England, returned to California after his parents divorced and began taking riding lessons. When a horse threw Kordestani during one of his first lessons, he calmed himself and the horse, got back on and rode it into camp. A star was born. Not long afterwards he began winning equestrian ribbons and medals. Experts praise his natural form, hard work, drive to win and courage for being willing to ride the most challenging world-class horses.

Milan Kordestani won the equestrian triple crown’s first leg in 2015. Then at the Worlds Championship Horse Show, he placed fourth. In the triple crown’s third leg, the American Royal, Kordestani took third place. His ascent in equestrian continued in 2016, when in his age split at the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division of the World Championship Horse Show, Kordestani took second place. Many equestrian experts look at his poise, rapid improvement and the way he handles CH His Supreme Reflection, his horse, and say he is marked for greatness.

As CEO of Milan Farms, which Milan Kordestani founded as a high school sophomore, he oversees an operation where organic saffron, mint and free range poultry and eggs are produced and sold worldwide. Kordestani is the first saffron farmer to hydroponically grow the spice on microfiber sponges. The innovative Milan Farms uses drip irrigation and is experimenting with aquaponic and hydroponic systems with different mineral and salinity levels to improve productivity.


Adam Milstein opposes the activities of the radical groups

Adam Milstein has been an advocate of the rights of the Jews for quite long. Since he moved to the United States and established a stable real estate business, he has managed to remain vocal on matters that affect the Jews. Adam Milstein is an author with various media channels. In one of his pieces with JNS, he reveals the threat of anti-Semitism and what it is likely to lead to in future. Adam Milstein describes the current wave of hate against the Jews as being a collaboration between the radical Muslim, radical right and the radical left. Although the radical right has been in the campaigns for a long time, it is the radical leftists who worry Milstein. These two groups despite having different backgrounds, they seem to be united by the hate they have for the Jews.

Adam Milstein sees the latest attempt to incorporate the radical leftist as a well-calculated effort by the radical Muslim to attack the western democracies. The leftists are being used to promote radical views that are supported by radical Muslim unknowingly. It is common knowledge that the goal of the radical Muslim is to introduce their own beliefs to the world. They are anti-democracy and aim at introducing Islamic law as the only law in the world. Milstein sees the latest attempts by these forces of impunity as a force that may destabilize the world in future. Israel is a key ally of Americans and many European countries. The success of anti-Semitism campaign will clearly mean that this is just the beginning of attacks against Americans and the western democracy. Radical Muslim does not believe in democracy. In fact, Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East.

Adam Milstein has been a supporter of his community for a number of decades now. He is one of the people who realize the dangers posed by the anti-Semitism campaigns. Milstein has decided not to keep quiet while the world is risking falling into the trap of the radical Muslim. He is advocating for the abolishment of all activities of anti-Semitism groups in Europe and the United States before it is too late.


Dr. Mark Mofid – Making the plastic surgery industry safe

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgery doctor practicing in San Diego and La Jolla. As a practitioner, he has created a good name in the industry because of the good results his clients have had. Dr. Mofid acts within the regulations of the industry; he does not try out new things with his clients. In fact, the biggest concern to him is the safety of the client. It does not matter how much a patient is willing to pay for an implant, as long as it is not the right, he cannot recommend.

In an industry that has been plagued by numerous cases of surgeries gone wrong and patients are left with life-long marks of the surgeries, a surgeon needs to be very careful with his patients. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The responsibility is on the client to seek services from professionals who have been approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Any doctor who is not approved to offer services in this field should be avoided as much as possible.

The highest number of wrong plastic surgeries occur due to malpractices and medical accidents. If as a patient you are interested in getting the best results, visit a doctor like Dr. Mark Mofid who have been tried and approved. Many patients who have gone through his hands and have successfully gained the desired results. Dr. Mark Mofid is highly trained at the Harvard University and the John Hopkins University School of Law. He then has the necessary approvals from various boards which oversee this industry. Since he started practicing 8 years ago, he has had a very good run and a clean record of delivering to his clients with no negative implication recorded.

Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to serving the industry by offering only what is safe for the client. He follows his medical practice regulations to the letter. He is currently engaged in research work where he is creating implants for various plastic surgeries. Gluteal augmentation is the latest where he has created an implant that blends with the human body well without leaving any hanging muscles.



The Career Life and Achievements of the Respected Billionaire, Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the principal and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, a global investment firm worth over $ 36.1 billion. Fortress Investment Group was launched in 1998, and Randal has been one of the top rated executives of the company. He has held different leadership positions of the firm and has been a pivotal contributor to the success of the business. Randal Nardone holds pride in education; he attended the University of Connecticut where he studied English and biology. He, later on, joined the Boston University School of law for his jurisdiction degree. Nardone is an expert in legal matters and has been in charge of the of the company’s legal issues since its existence.

Randal secured his first job as a novice lawyer. He worked at Thatcher Proffitt & Wood law firms as a partner and an executive committee. He joined the Blackrock Financial management, where he also served as the principal of the firm. Before establishing Fortress Investment Group, he worked as a managing director of the Swiss Bank giant USB. Randal has a reputable career journey, and through his law and financial skills, he has made Fortress Investment Group one of the leading companies in the financial sector. In 2014, the company was honored to be presented with the Management of the Year award and was also recognized as the Hedge Fund Manager of the year in 2007. Randal was ranked as the number 557th billionaire worldwide with a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars by the Forbes.

Randal Nardone has created a perfect working environment for the Fortress Investment Group employees. The management team is friendly, and the employees enjoy excellent benefits like monetary rewards for long working hours. In 2017, Soft bank, a multinational conglomerate holding company in Tokyo Japan made announcements of its interest to acquire Fortress Investment Group. The Acquisition will be beneficial to the United States economy and will also increase job opportunities in the nation.Mr. Nardone and other co-founders of the Fortress Investment agreed to the merger and will continue leading the company under the Softbank. The founders have also decided to vote 34.99% shares of the Fortress shares in favor of the transaction. Randal Nardone also serves a board of director for numerous companies including the SeaCube Container Leasing, the Springleaf Holdings and the Aircastle limited. Randal has also been a board member of the prestigious companies like the New Residential Investment Corp and the Eurocastle investment limited.